Being Given More Than We Can Handle

god gives us more than we can handle We went to our new church last week and as the band played I started crying.

I couldn’t help but think how it’s not OUR church. The band didn’t play the songs the correct way, meaning they didn’t play them like our band plays them. The people, although friendly amongst themselves, didn’t feel welcoming like at our church. I wasn’t greeted with a hug when I got my program like I have been almost every Sunday at our church.

Don’t get me wrong, Chesapeake Church is beautiful, it just wasn’t home.

All these thoughts were swirling around my head and then, as I sat there during the message with silent tears running down my cheeks, God reminded me that He was listening, seeing, and feeling my pain.

The person delivering the message preached on my most favorite verse:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

When my husband was offered this position God had given me a challenge. Would I be the type of wife He wanted me to be? Would I be selfless enough to support my husband in pursuing the opportunities that He had laid out in front of him, even if it meant leaving my friends and family? I could have easily said that we weren’t moving and my husband would have turned down this job, but I would have been doing exactly the opposite of what God had called me to do.

The next three years is going to be hard. Being away from my family and all of my friends is going to be hard. I’m going to complain. I’m going to cry. I’m going to miss home. I’m also going to know that through all the feelings of homesickness, all the pain, all the sadness..God has my back. He will be my constant. He will put in place the support that we need to face these next three years and He will bring me back home.

So, I’ll be going back to Chesapeake Church and my husband and I will be signing up for their Starting Point class that begins next month. And I’ll go into each day remembering that God does, in fact, at times give us more than we can handle, but it’s never more than He can handle if we just let Him.

Goodbye for now Oregon…

For a long time I refused to acknowledge that this move was indeed happening.

Although the Hubster was gone, it was easy to pretend that he was just on a mission and that the time spent without him was no different than the other times he has been gone.

We began counting down the days when he would rejoin us. The kids and I growing more excited every single day. The day finally came for him to come home and I headed to the airport solo to pick him up.

As I waited near the security check point at the airport, growing more impatient with every minute that passed, it hit me. No matter how much I wanted to see my husband, his coming home triggered the end of the fantasy I had created. He was coming home with the sole purpose of getting us packed and moved east. There was no ignoring that any longer.

In the blink of an eye the next 2.5 weeks were gone. We had watched as a crew descended upon our house and packed up our belongings and then a new crew arrived the next day to load our things into the truck that would transport it east.

moving military pcs

The truck left and we held a garage sale, hired someone to clean the house for us, and before I knew it, it was time for the Hubster to begin his drive with our Ford and tent trailer back to Maryland.

The kids and I followed a week and a half later, after spending some time at my families home in Arizona with my parents, brother and his family.

We have now been here for three days, living in a temporary apartment on base while we wait for our new home, 25 minutes away in Dunkirk, MD, to be ready for us.

andrews air force base

I’m not going to lie. It has not been easy. Saying goodbye to my family was hard. I realize that it’s not as if I will never see them again and this transfer is not permanent. It’s hard because this is such a HUGE change. I’ve never lived more than 2 hours away from them, EVER. And even that was for a very short period of time. For the majority of my adult life, I’ve never lived more than 10 minutes. Goodbyes were accompanied with plenty of tears and heartache.

Now that we are here in Maryland, my son and I are still battling bouts of homesickness. We both miss our family and friends and the life that we had in Oregon. We can only just keep taking this transition one day at a time. I know it will get easier and I keeping steadfast in my faith that God has and will continue to take care of us. I know that this was His plan for us and I have to hold on to that. He will soothe the heartache that we are now feeling and will use this period of time to change us in His vision.

Sure, this isn’t the way that I would have liked, but I’ve always been taught to listen to my Father, so I’ll do my best.

Grocery Outlet – The place to save for healthy eating changes!

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When I lost over 30 pounds 2 years ago it required me to change some aspects of my lifestyle. The biggest change was adding breakfast to my daily routine. Eating a big meal in the morning doesn’t sit well with me. No, really. Trying to eat first thing in the morning and then going to work out just made me feel sick. I tried to eat just a piece of fruit, but I quickly learned that I needed protein to get me through a 90 minute workout. Protein bars became my morning time staple.

The problem?

Protein bars are expensive! Especially the kind that are more protein than just granola bar. I quickly learned that I was spending about $30 a week on just protein bars! CRAZY!
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