Good God…

Today I’m watching my best friends kids..

They are the same age as mine and I love them both as if they were indeed my own. But as I sit here and the older ones are watching a movie, my youngest is asleep in her brothers bed and the other youngest is in Ainsley bed crying (fighting taking a nap), I can’t help but thank God for knowing my limits.

When we were trying to get pregnant with Ian, I was put on fertility medication. My husband liked to say how awesome it would if we had twins. That way we would get over everything at once. Potty-training at the same time for example.

I have to admit that at first that sounded like such a great idea. It would be awesome to have twins and dress them alike or similar. But when we got pregnant with Ian, I was just happy to have one.
Well, I’m getting a peak into what my life would be like if I had 2 sets of twins..ages 3 and 2..
There is a show on TLC called “John and Kate plus 8”. I’m sure most of you have seen it and if not it’s basically a reality series following the lives of John and Kate as they raise their 2 daughters plus a set of sextuplets.
The first time I watched this show I was struck with how high strung Kate was/is. For lack of a better word she was a beyotch. She nagged her husband none stop and was a neat freak on top.

After today I know why Kate is that way. I too would probably need to be admitted into the loony bin if I were chasing after 8 kids, 6 of which were the same age.

Don’t get me wrong.. it was great having the girls here. They kept my kids entertained and with few interventions from me. I guess the thing that really got to me was the just busyness, kids were running this direction and that. That’s what really had my head spinning.

So again.. THANK YOU GOD FOR KNOWING MY LIMITS!! If I didn’t have you in my life I would surely be an 8 vodka tumbler drinker.. (as opposed to just the 3..LOL just kidding!)


  1. On The Verge says:

    This is funny! I had to buy a 12 ounce tumbler after I had my fourth!!! lol

  2. hee hee… funnies! I think God knows my limits, too (thank you God!) I have one 🙂 Happy holidays!

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