Hanging my head down..

Today was one of those days; if child services would have even within a mile of my home I’m sure they would have heard my yells frustrations and came to take my children away. It just wasn’t one fo the my finer days where patience is concerned. I don’t know if it was just hte fact that it was Monday or what by my children where in rare form.

Our church has a huge indoor play structure that is open to the public. It’s staffed by volunteers and today was my day. It’s a great place to take the kids when the weather is bad or too hot during the summer. The kids are always happy to go, and I love it because they get to burn off some energy before nap time.

Well, for whatever reason my son was in terror mode. He picked on any kid that was smaller than him (he’s only 3!) It was like I had given birth to a jr. mafia member. I could hear him in the ball pit with a heavy jersey accent saying, “This here is Ian’s turf, you gotta pay to pass or fogetaboutit.” And then when they couldn’t pay and he threatened to feed them to the fishes he would then make fun of them for wanting their mommies. I just wanted to hang my head in shame. He was removed from the situation and placed in time out next to me and you would have thought that I cut off his left foot. It was the end of the world and I kept getting “those” looks from other parents. You know the looks I’m talking about, the “good Lord look at that poor child, he doesn’t even have a chance with a mother like that,” and my all time favorite, “If I was his mother I would _____________ (fill in the blank).”

I could have handle all this if my almost 2 year old daughter hadn’t come up to me at the point with her shirt completely soaked because she was playing in the drinking fountain.
By the time we got home I was at my wits end. The kids were running around the house and I turned into Stalin.. “Stop it right now or you will never get candy again for the rest of your life!”

Naptime didn’t come soon enough and once the kids were down I had to remind myself that it was only 1pm and not socially acceptable to start the heavy drinking..


  1. Sounds strangly familiar… ;`)

  2. Oh my! Big hugs… I can so relate to this. We all have those moments (and I think those who say they don’t aren’t telling the truth!LOL)… Whoever evented naptime is the smartest person in the world!

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