Oy vey…

You know there are those blissfully ignorant times when you think that motherhood is really just about the hugs and kisses of your children, hearing them say “I wuv you mommeeee!”, or just having them smile at you.

And there in the next nanosecond the hugs and kisses are followed by a glass shattering scream (for no reason), “I wuv you mommeeee!” is followed by a firm smack to the back of your head, and their smile gives way to, “I poopyed.”

But really the thing that kicks me in the butt is the realization that my cute little monkeys are nothing more than germ breeders. Especially now since my oldest started preschool. We have had more sickness come through our house than the 7 plagues in the bible, granted not as severe. And it always seems that she who takes care of the sickies is doomed to get sick herself.

This week I have contracted my son’s stomach bug and of course my husband has military drill this weekend and isn’t home. Let’s see I’ve been afflicted with ongoing nausea, debilitating stomach cramps, dry heaves, headache, cold sweats, weakness, and endless trips to the porcelain throne, after which I am left with a burning a-hole. Alright so a little TMI but dude like we all haven’t been through it before.

But you know what, that’s not the worst of it.. The thing that really pisses me of is the fact that tonite was my Mom’s Nite Out. An evening spent with other women, chatting, snacking and just enjoying fellowship and I will spend it in bed or the bathroom.

Ahhh it’s great being a mommy…


  1. It has been going around our neighborhood too! Sorry about your Girls Night, that stinks. 🙁

    Get well soon!

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