Why didn’t I think of that!!

As mom’s we often are greeted with sleepless nights due to children who wake up at odd times and your too scared to go back to sleep because you know just are you are entering that blissful state “MOMMY!” will come crashing in on you.

I like to spend those nights corrupting my brain with worthless television. And I’m not talking about sitcom’s or reality TV, I’m talking full throttle, my brain is turning to mush and oozing out my nose, infomercials. That’s right folks the stuff this country is founded on. Useless crap that we order from the phone because we are too lazy to actually go to the store and buy it. Stuff that they don’t even sell on the home shopping channels because it isn’t up to their standard. And come on, we all know that there isn’t much of a standard there.

Often times, as I watch another demonstration of the Slendertone, (the thing that you put on your stomach and it contracts your ab muscles in order to give you that 6-pack you always wanted,) I can’t help but kick myself in the arse.

Now seriously, I’m intelligent or of average intelligence, (fine, but I’m not going any lower than smart.) Why can’t I come up with a product that’s essentially a blanket with sleeves?? (Called the Slanket if you were wondering.) That thing sells for $34.95! Sell 10 of those puppies and you have close to $350! I don’t know about you but I could use $350 bucks. The kicker is you KNOW someone is buying them.

I guess the truth of the matter is some people are just made to come up with useless crap and others are left to pay $34.95 for it.


  1. hannahmade soaps says:

    too funny. I come up with the idea, but never do anything about it… then I see it in stores. Stinky like poop! LOL I even have a couple floating around in my head now, but no idea where to go from here, and no motivation to find out. And I have a blanket with sleeves, courtesy of my sweet little munchkins as a b-day present one year. Don’t know where it is, but I have it. One size doesn’t fit all, just so ya know.

    Dee Dee, Hannah’s mom @ http://www.luvmy12kids.blogspot.com (see I am even too lazy to sign out and back in.)


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