Cog meet Sprocket

The Northwest was hit with some wickedly nasty weather last month. My house had about 2 feet of snow in the front yard which is unheard of here.

Anyway, my husband is an active duty guardsman for the Air National Guard; he drives some 50 miles one way to get to his office every day. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Because of the weather and holidays my husband went to work 2 days of the 2 weeks we had snow. You may ask yourself, what was he doing during all that time? Well, let me just quell your curiosity. DRIVING ME INSANE! He was the cog in my sprocket.

The schedule that the kids and I function on during the week is completely blown when Daddy is home. Is it just me or does it seem like everything takes so much longer when hubbies are home? I’m always late for things that we have planned when my husband is home. The kids never want to get dressed in a timely manner; eating breakfast goes along with watching TV so they are constantly being reminded to eat their food.

By the time I get them dressed, fed, shoes and coats on, its 10 minutes passed the time I was supposed to leave for a play date, meeting, or whatever.

Now, I know it’s not his fault. He just does things wrong ..err..different. I try not to turn the TV on until the kids have eaten and dressed. I know what a HUGE distraction it is and the morning just goes so much smoother if I can get them through those 2 things quickly. My husband is an early riser, he is usually downstairs, drinking coffee, and watching the news by 5am. When the kids come down and see the TV on they get all excited and ask to watch “their channel” which is actually PBS, being the softy dad that he is, he of course lets them watch.

He’s a great daddy and it’s a treat for the kids when he is home during the week. I’m just curious if any of you other mom’s have observed the same type of thing in your house when daddy is home for the day. Is there a cog in sprocket during those days?


  1. I like that..cog in the sprocket…has a nice ring to it. I can say when daddy wasn’t home all the time it used to be just like this, but now everyone is used to it and he is pretty well versed in how things work around the house, although, there are moments when he does things wrong..oops,I meant different! 🙂

  2. Jessica (aka Faeanne) says:

    Ditto here! Whenever my hubby’s home it throws the whole day out of whack. If he’s on vacation for a week I might as well forget about anything going according to schedule! I always wondered if it was a unique phenomenon just in my house or elsewhere- now I know!

    BTW- I love the style of your blog!

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