Favorite Blog Friday

Ok, so I have decided that each Friday I will showcase one of my favorite blogs. I read somewhere that as a blogger your main audience is other bloggers so what better way to give back!

This week I am showcasing:

So I stole her header.. SUE ME!!

Anway, if you have yet to check out her blog, I urge you to do so. But be forewarned. There is explicit language and sometimes you will need a rag to sop up your beverage of choice that sprays out your nose onto the screen when you laugh too hard.

I look forward to her Friday Facts every week. It’s the kind of usless trivia that you think to yourself, “I will never need to know this.” And then that fateful day comes when the prize patrol shows up at your door with a check for a million bucks but tells you that you can’t have it until you can correctly tell them on average how many inches a rhino’s horn grows each year. (3 in case you were wondering.)

So go and read a couple of posts for yourself, I guarantee at least one laugh but any more than that and your on your own.


  1. Kristi O says:

    I tell ya JAMES rocks the house. She is a dear pal of mine, keeps me sane, knows I need a diet coke oh so often and listens to my stories. I love her to pieces, you couldn’t have picked a more perfect girl to feature on your blog!!!

  2. sweet! thanks for the heads up!
    Her header is fantastic!

    Welcome to the Blissfully Domestic family!!

  3. The Hussy Housewife says:

    Awwweee thanks *snort* that is very sweet of you! I never knew you were a lurker of mine 🙂

    Friday Facts are designed and best used at cocktail parties. When you want to impress surrounding idiots and make them think you are a genius. They will be humping your leg by the end of it all….and wanting to know if you have plans the following weekend!

    BTW…I am sooooo suing you!.. You have and money under that Madhatter hat? Your blog is sooooo cute!

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