I know what thats like..

Tonite as I was getting the kids ready to go to church for date nite, (our church offers free childcare once a month so parents can have an evening to themselves, SUPERCOOL,) Ian once again showed just how darn funny he is. Seriously, if he could type, I would just have him write this blog for me, I’d probably have more followers!! HA!

Alright, back to the point. So there I was putting the kids’ shoes on, Ian was talking non-stop about something and I heard Ainsley *toot*. Bodily functions are the epicenter of our family I want to make sure my kids claim their *music,* I asked, “ok, who was that!” My beautiful girl smiled widely and just as she was about to claim her fame Ian spoke up, “It was me Mommy.”
I was quite surprised, my kids are good about claiming their own and pointing out who it was if it wasn’t them. (The downside about that 2nd point is that sometimes this happens in public, much to the horrification of the little old lady who has IBS.)

I looked to Ian and said, “huh?” Then I got the full story.

“It was me Mommy. I was talking and then I farted out my mouth.”

Ah, yes son.. Mommy does that on every post of her blog.


  1. PurpleGreenPops.com says:

    Our little man, when he toots, smiles real big and then laughs out loud!

    He thinks it’s hilarious!

  2. Oh how cute…there is just something utterly funny about the bodily functions when they are young – my oldest has decided its funny when she does it but GROSS when her brother does it..go figure?!


    BTW, I enjoyed reading thru your blog, I am one of the contributors for blissfully blended (that is how I found you)

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