I am so excited about this!! I’ve known for over a week now but didn’t want to say anything until my first post was published..

Drum roll please…………………

I have become a contributing writer at the online mom’s magazine Blissfully Domestic.

It is such an amazing opportunity! If you haven’t checked them out, please be sure to do so. There is something for every mom. So please support me by going and visiting the site!


  1. i’m flattered that they allowed me to contribute with such wonderful writers such as yourself!!

  2. Congrats! I’m so happy I get the opportunity to contribute with awesome writers like yourself!

  3. On The Verge says:

    Congratulations! That is a wonderful opportunity!

  4. CONGRATS!! 🙂 That is so awesome!!

  5. Kristi O says:

    oh me oh my! how exciting!!!

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