Favorite Blog Friday

That’s right.. It’s FRIDAY!!


Alright I’m done.. I guess I’m just a little over excited since its a)FRIDAY and b) it’s date nite for hubby and me. Once a month our church provides child care for 3 glorious, fabulous, super fantastic hours. It’s 3 hours that hubby and I can connect with eachother or have our friends over for some adult time.

This month it’s the latter. We are going to play cards, eat chinese food and partake in some spirits; whether they are of the libation variety or not won’t matter.

Anywho, enough about that.
It’s another installment of your favorite segment.. yuck yuck..
This week I’m showcasing:

This blog is written by mrsbear0309.. Unfortunately I don’t know her first name but it might as well be Fricking Hilarious!

If you can’t tell, I seek out blogs that make me laugh. We all need a little laughter added to every day and when that hilarity is running low in my personal life, I live vicariously through others. Come on don’t judge me! That’s why we all have kids right?!?

The post titled “The Bug Incident” is awesome! I laughed so hard that I woke my husband up while he was snoring next to me. Of course when I conveyed to him the story he didn’t laugh at all but I think it had more to do with the fact that he had to get up in a couple of hours and not that he didn’t find it funny.

Check it out!

I’m think I’m gonna wake the Mister up and tell him the story again.


  1. Zhey Chua says:

    Thanks for the link to that really funny story! Yeah, it also made me laugh so hard that Hubby had to ask what’s going on. 🙂

  2. designergirl007 says:

    I ran across your site and enjoy your blog. I checked out “The Bug Incident” and you were absolutely correct – that was a riot.

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