I like it extra fuzzy..

It was another of those days when I question my decision to be a mother. I think I would have had more fun volunteering to pick the toe lint out of Atila the Huns feet.

Both my kids are fighting a bug. A nasty bug that seems to be meadering its way through our whole town. It’s hit the youngest worst. She has this really nasty honking cough that makes her sound like my sisters weiner dog when it has something stuck in it’s nose. Ok.. so you really have to hear it to get what I’m saying but take my word for it.

My oldest is just a pill. When he isn’t feeling well he tends to just melt down at any little thing. And I mean any little thing; his blanket fell off the bed, his sock was twisted, and the icing on the cake was when his knife fell off the table at dinner. You would have thought someone cut of his left arm or something.

Thankfully my hubby handled it, cuz I was pretty much at my boiling point. You know the point where you aren’t even yelling anymore, you just talk in this sort of low growl. Yep that was me, weremom.

Anyway, here is to a better day tomorrow right?………..RIGHT??!?

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