I’m Baaaaaaack..

So I’m a terrible blogger I know.. I took a bit of an unscheduled hiatus last week while my husband was out of town for a conference. Between working weird shifts and being on full time kid duty I was just wiped out. So for my regular readers.. I’m sorry and I love you!! Please don’t leave me.. (Was that too needy?)

Anyway, now onto another topic. If you don’t know about it already I want to introduce you to a really great online magazine. It’s called…..

Serious.Life Magazine

It’s a really great inspirational magazine written by Brent Riggs. That beautiful little girl on the cover is his daughter Abby. I encourage you all to 1. Read the magazine (this month I’m listed in the blog directory) and 2. Check out their blog at http://www.riggsfamilyblog.com/

I don’t even remember how I was introduced to this blog but I thank God I was. You’ll notice I have a pray for Abby button on my sidebar. You can read about Abby’s story and for that matter the familys story at their blog. Brent is a truly God gifted writer and when you need some encouragement or spiritual fulfillment you can always find it there.

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