Just like Old Faithful..

Ok..seriously what is up with adult acne?

Come on!! As if we weren’t traumatized by it enough in our teenage years, we have to deal with it later in addition to getting grey hair!?

So, yes I have adult acne.

Currently I have a goiter on the side of my head the size of a small country. Its grotesque and it hurts.

I actually think that it has its own heartbeat. It seems to be pulsing right now as if it knows that I am talking about it and it’s angry at me for not asking permission. It will have to learn to live with it since I’m pretty sure it didn’t ask my permission before taking up residency on my face.

I tend to have breakouts during moments of high stress and since I’m a mom those moments are pretty much, ummmm.. EVERY SINGLE DAY! That coupled with the inheritance of my mother’s freakishly oily skin, I’m a goner.

I could wash my face like 20 times a day but the only thing that would accomplish is my needing to buy more soap and my face being even oilier. So instead I shall wait it out.

Wait until the inside becomes all soft and liquefied; then all it will require is a tiny bit of pressure and the problem will be solved.

Until the next time.

Update: the goiter on the side of my head exploded taking about half my city block with it..that will teach me not to ask permission before I blog about it.


  1. Too funny! Laughed until I cried:)

  2. Ok really!! how come we have not photo of that!! I want photo’s next time!

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