To Do Tuesday..

Yesterday was Presidents day so in honor to celebrate all our past presidents we did….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

It was nice actually. Hubby was home from work today and he had visions of cleaning out our wickedly messy garage but we had so much fun just hanging out as a family he didn’t get ot it.

I however DID get to cleaning out the kids’ closet which was a huge pat on the back for me. I’ve been putting it off for awhile now because it’s like the black hole of kids clothing. For whatever reason some of the things that go in don’t seem to make their way out and yesterday I figured out why..

My kids stuffed things in, behind, under and ever which way among the boxes of diapers I have in their closet. I realize it’s partially my fault fo having the boxes in there but really I do it for them. If I didn’t put the boxes in their closet (which is a small walk-in) I would end up keeping them in the room itself which would cut down on the space they have for their toys…..

Yeah I’m not buying it either. It’s mainly because in the closet I don’t have to see it. The whole out of sight out of mind thing.

But that is no more! I cleaned it out and have a tub of outgrown clothes to go to a local charity.

And now onto today!!

Here is my TO-DO list..

  • go through scrapbooks to check for missing layouts
  • pick up massive amount of photos I had printed up at Walmart
  • clean out my scrapbooking organizer and re-pack it
  • package up my Silhouette to ship to it’s new owner
  • organize all my photos that I will be scrapping

You are probably asking yourself, “Why is Hatter talking so much about scrapbooking?”

Well, if you follow me on Twitter you might already have the answer.. In just 3 short days I, along with several of my favorite gal pals, will be heading to the beach for 4 days of relaxation and scrapbooking!

We do this several times a year and this will be the first trip of 2009. I can’t wait!! I’m going to try to have some posts ready to go so you all won’t be kept in the lurch but come one now.. I’m going to a secluded beach house without my hubby or kids! The first night we are going to the casino.. Seriously if you can’t forgive me for missing a post or two than I will really have to rethink our relationship.. LOL!!


  1. StumbleBee says:

    Okay…I feel a little funny asking. Do you ever do any of the online books that scrapbook the pages for you? Is it the tectures that you love with the regular scrapbook material. I have all of my photos digitally saved so I am trying to decide which way to go.

  2. Response to StumbleBee:

    I have done the only scrapbooks as gifts. I don’t have the time to make scrappy gifts for family members but they all love receiving them so it’s a win-win.

    I just love the dimensions that you get with traditional scrapping. It’s relaxing to me and it’s cool to have my kids look at it and know that “I” made it for them.

    I typically only scrapbook on my get-a-ways. I just can’t seem to find the time being at home, so now you know why we go for 4 days! I have a lot to catch up on.. LOL

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