I’ve died and been reincarnated…

I think I like this body much better!

What do you think of the new diggs? Aren’t they great?! I owe it all to Rachel at Blog Candy Designs. She was super great and worked with me to create my new little mini me you see up there in my header.

So the moral of this story is….if you’re looking for a new blog layout then Rachel is your gal!

Well, since I’m typing this the rumor is true! I am well!

Oh my goodness, if you all do not catch this nasty bug that I had then my prayers have been answered. Other than childbirth I have not been in so much pain. It was equally disgusting but not as painful.

But now I am well, still have some nastiness in my lungs and sinus’ but I don’t feel like donkey balls, which I imagine feel pretty bad because they are donkey balls and not like lion balls or anything.

I was so doped up that the good thing is I have enough material for my blog for a while. In the upcoming weeks you will be able to see into the depths of the mind of a mom under the influence of the cold medicine she usually gives her kids to get some peace and quiet.

Anyway, I hope you like my new home. There are still some things I need to finish on it but boy I love it!

As promised I will be posting a new giveaway this week so look out for that..

Thank you all for your warm wishes while this Mad Hatter Mom was teetering on the edge of her teacup!

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