Debbie isn’t the only one to do it!

You may be asking yourself why I’m posting a picture of the welcome to Las Vegas sign. Well if you are asking yourself that then you haven’t seen here or here.

That’s right.. Mad Hatter Mom does Vegas!!

Myself and my friends, March Hare and Dormouse, are heading for a 5 day getaway! We will be drinking our spiked tea, (ok so Dormouse and I will be, March Hare is knocked up at the moment so she can’t partake in the spirits,) and floating in the lazy river pool at our condo.

I know I said I was going to post another giveaway this weekend but everytime I started my mind would drift off to the 80 degree weather that is waiting for me.

So my dear friends I will be waiting until my return to post said giveaway. Please keep a hold of your horses until then!

I will have my laptop with me in Vegas so don’t be surprised if you get some half, tea soaked posts popping up in the next couple of days.




  1. You girls behave….or, uh, at least don’t do anything I would do…or um…just have a Lemon Drop for me would ya! 🙂

  2. I’m waiting for some raves about your trip? Did you make it? Are you loving every second?

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