There’s no place like home..

So remember how I said you would probably get some posts form me while in Vegas? Well, that was before I found out that I had to pay for internet service in our condo! And sorry all but this “mad” tea drinking fool is too cheap to pay to access the internet somewhere else when I already pay for it at home.

However! I am still in VEGAS!! March Hare, Dormouse and I are hanging out at McCarren Airport waiting for our flight back to cloudy Oregon.

I have to say the hardest thing is leaving this beautiful blue skies and warm 70+ degree weather but we have all had our fill of Sin City and are ready to go back and sleep in our own beds.

We’ve made a lot of memories here, my girls and I. It was definitely a trip that was worth it and one that we probably won’t get to experience again until our kids are MUCH older.

I’ll have more to post once we make it home but I will leave you with this..




  1. Jolina says:

    love it!!! brown chicken brown cow… it will always make me laugh!! and I feel like crap this morning and needed to start laughing and coughing at the same time!! LOL

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So happy you guys had fun!!! Wish I was there!!

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