Who? What? Get outta here!!

Holy smokes!
How did it get to be 10 days without me posting on here?

I’ll tell you how.. This darn crud that has been going around. I don’t know if was being in the smoke filled casino’s or perhaps the temperature change we lived through from a sunny Vegas to rainy Oregon; but I got sick AGAIN!

(credit: iampeas/flickr)

I still had my wonderful cough while in Vegas but I was feeling really well otherwise. As it turned out once we all got home the 3 of us got sick. March Hare got the original sickness as did Dormouse.

March Hare is well on the road to mending but Dormouse ended up getting pneumonia. YIKES!

As for me..I was plagued with a cold that made my cough worse and has now ended with me getting another sinus infection. So that picture of all the kleenex is probably how much I have gone through during the last 2 months. I don’t even know why I wear make-up on my nose because I blow it so much it just comes off anyway.

My teeth actually hurt because of it! So I don’t know about anyone else but I’m pretty much ready for it to be summer. This freaky, hard germ that is going around needs to go back to the depths of H-E-double hockey sticks!

With that being said I have all kinds of stuff to post about. Including the much talked about giveaway I haven’t done yet.. I know I’m a slacker..

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