I didn’t know they could work out..

So it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a poop related story. If you read my blog you know that I’m quite the fan of them and they seem to be a central theme in my life.

Granted some of you may not find them as funny as I do, especially this story since it took place after I had been at work all nite and I was trying to make it until nap time with no sleep.

Curtain raises:
MHM is lounging on her bed with her daughter watching Dora.
Son comes into the room and heads straight for the bathroom.

MHM: “What are you doing?”

Son: “Gotta go poop.”

MHM: “Gotcha, as you were.”

Sounds of grunting and straining.

MHM: “Are you okay in there?”

Son: in strained voice “Mom the poopy won’t come out!”

MHM: suppressing a giggle “It’s okay son, just relax and it will come out, watch TV and try not to think about it.”

Son: “But MOOOOOMMMMMM! It really hurts!”

MHM: not doing a good job at supressing the laughter “Son you just have to relax.”


MHM: yep, laughing now “I know it hurts but you just have to keep pushing and once it’s out it won’t hurt anymore.”

Son: unconvinced, “Ok.”

There are more sounds of grunting and even some whimpering all during which MHM is laughing into her pillow.
After 45 seconds there is the unmistakable sound of “PLOP” and then an “Ahhhh…”

Son: “Moooommmm, I’m done.”

MHM: “Everything come out okay?”

Son: “Yes.”

Son takes care of the necessary business. Son walks into the room.

Son: “Mom!”

MHM: “Did you flush the toilet?”

Son: “No way! It’s HUGE! Can I save it until Dad gets home? Please?”

MHM: “Yea, as much as your Dad would LOVE to see that.. No.”

Son: “Can we take a picture of it at least?”

It’s amazing the things you will do to appease your children. Please feel free to send me your tokens of appreciation for not sharing the picture with you.



  1. Rachel says:

    I love it!

    We have had many a similar experience in my house!

    I am really enjoying your blog! Please stop by mine and pick up the “Adorable Blog” award from my sidebar if you’d like!!! 🙂

  2. Thank God for digital cameras! I would hate to have to pick that up at a one hour place! 😉

  3. SAHM4now says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who has had this conversation with her kid. Do you get regular play by plays on the types of poops or their shapes… well maybe I am the only one.
    Thanks for making me feel like one of the club.

  4. Madhatter Mom says:

    Lynn~ that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.. I think I would hate to face the pimple faced kid if I picked up that picture. It would be worse than when I picked up those boob pics I took so I could show my doctor and ask if it was normal…

    SAHM4now~ sweetheart welcome to the ranks.. and I do mean RANKS!

  5. Mommynightowl says:

    lol I agree with Lynn

    my daughter just wants to see it. and is proud of herself for pooping in the potty, she is potty training.

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