Memories, like the corner of my mind..

*UPDATE* We have received our soldier info and are all jazzed up to get the first care package in the mail! I’m so excited to see what the kids think up to send from them.

Memorial day is an important day in our household. It’s not just another day to spend time with family/friends and barbeque. It’s a day to remember those that we have lost.

Having a spouse in the military obviously makes our thoughts go to the men and women who have given their lives in such a selfless act as to volunteer to fight for our country’s freedom.

Our oldest girls have some understanding as to what this means; but really it’s hard for all of us to grasp. We are blessed that my husband has not had to be deployed and it’s pretty safe to say that he won’t be unless he volunteers. We have talked about the possibility and although it would be hard I would support him if he decided he wanted to do a tour in the Middle East.

My husband goes to work each day at the Air Base. My younger kids know that he “works where the jets are” but they don’t have any idea what he does or what it means for him to wear her uniform. They don’t know what it’s like to have their Mommy or Daddy go away for a year or more. To not be able to have them there for breakfast or to pick them up from school. And I thank God every day that my kids don’t know what it’s like to not have Mommy or Daddy come home.

It’s because of these things that my husband and I decided that we wanted to do something to get our kids thinking about the unsung heroes or our country. We have decided to Adopt a US Soldier.

The organization was started by a mom who’s son was deployed. The story is really great and you can find it on the website. The organization pairs us with a soldier who is currently deployed. We can send him/her care packages, letters or cards. The great thing is each soldier is assigned not just one Supporter but up to 10! The reason being is they understand that due to time or finances a Supporter may not be able to send something every month. By having at least 3, it ensures that the soldier is always receiving something. It takes the pressure off you in a way.

We have filled out the registration form and are waiting to hear back who our soldier is. We requested a soldier from one of the two units that my husband served in when he was in the Army. (His first stint with the military. He enlisted in the Air National Guard in 2006 and became an Active Duty Guardsman in 2007.)

We are hoping they will be able to fulfill our request but really it will be a joy and pleasure to support anyone.

If you are interested please check out the Adopt a US Soldier site, or if you would rather just donate to a worthy cause, the USO has a program where you donate $25 and they will send a care package in your name to a deployed soldier. You can even write a small note to include.

I hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend and you took time to remember those in your life that have departed and are still here in our hearts.

My husband and I at the ANG Award banquet in 2008.


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