An Apple a day…

It’s official ladies and I guess gentlemen.. If there are any guys who read my blog.. I don’t know if there are but hey! I’m an equal opportunity offender umm.. blogger.

So, in the land of PC vs. Mac, I have switched sides.

Yes folks, I sit here typing on my new, shiny, very pretty MacBook Pro. I love the clean, sleek look of it. And the fact that when it’s open and I’m using it, the Apple decal on the lid lights up.

It sorta acts like a “Do Not Disturb” sign. When the light is on leave me along ‘cuz I’m blogging! Then there is the fact the the keyboard lights up as well. It’s quite the sight when I’m surfing in the dark.

So far I haven’t found a bad thing with it. I did have a difficult time figuring out how to create a email signature for Apple Mail that includes HTML, but thanks to Google I found tons of answers and was able to get one all made. Plus, it’s better than the one I used to have in Outlook. This is basically what it looks like.

Tina Kelley. aka Mad Hatter Mom.
Blog: Mad Hatter Mom | Email Me
Twitter: @MadHatterMom | Facebook: Mad Hatter Mom
Other places to find me: Blissfully Domestic-Blissfully Blended | Party Planning Professor

Not too shabby for a girl that know a very limited amount of HTML and basically nothing in CSS.

So I am off to play more with this here fancy toy. And remember, if the Apple is a glowing don’t come a … well just don’t bother me..



  1. Sophia's Mom says:

    I switched to a Mac 3 years ago and it was the BEST decision I ever made in my entire life!!!

    Have fun with your new toy!

    P.S. I am also mom by day, crazy by night!

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