Trading my Vista views for a Leopard…

I’ve had it!

I bought my Dell computer just a little over a year ago (and now out of warranty). The first computer I got was a complete lemon and after months…yes you read MONTHS of conversations with tech support they finally agreed to send me a new laptop.
Everything was working great and then suddenly I started noticing all these errors for Vista. And then it happened. The thing that has been whispered in secret for all PC owners. The thing that you whispered because you were scared that if you spoke it too loud it would happen to you.
So I decided I would restore my laptop back to factory settings. It was a pain in the tutkus but I did it. Everything worked great and then as it was installing updates for Windows suddenly the Blue Screen returned, except this time it had evolved and wouldn’t go away just because I reformatted the hard drive. Oh no, this sucker was out for blood!
Now, before you say anything let me just tell you. I don’t put a lot of things on my laptop. I had like 3 programs total installed on it. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Symantec Antivirus software.
I used my laptop for blogging and surfing the internet and thats about it. We have a great firewall and the majority of my documents and things are on our home network so there was never any need to keep a whole bunch of stuff on it.
Anyway, after about 4 weeks of dealing with it, I FINALLY got it working correctly again and no more blue screen but to tell you the truth I’m done with Vista. So much to the point that I gave the laptop to my step-daughter to use for school.
My hubby is so wonderful that after watching me struggle with the laptop for so long and hearing me complain about Vista and how I’m pretty sure Microsoft has realized what a lost cause it is thus the reason you won’t be seeing a new release of it. Instead they are coming out with Windows 7, which irks me also.
Sorry, I digress.. Anyway, where was I?? Oh yes, my hubby is so wonderful that he suggested we just go and buy a MacBook Pro. Now this is a lot of money to fork out on a laptop, but we know we will have it for many years. The great thing about Apple…when they update their operating system you can get it for like under $30 and upgrade your computer! Take a note Microsoft.
So, the new laptop is ordered and will be here either at the end of this week or beginning of next and I will enter in a new direction..
Sorry Bill…I going with the Steves now!
{photo credit: Tech Show Network}



  1. Mommynightowl says:

    my computer is not playing nice either. somehow i cant get into my login and am always in a temp user.

    I cant wait to hear if you fall in love with your mac.

    following from MBC under 100

  2. klawellin says:

    Hi… I would love to follow!

    My link is:

    From- Mom Bloggers

    Thanks! ; )

  3. Sweet Serendipity says:

    Yea! Another mac recruit. Congratulations on the macbook pro and welcome to the club. You won't be disappointed ;D

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