Book Review: It’s going to be Momnificent!

There are many days when I just don’t feel very “momnificent.” I struggle just like all of us to maintain a balanced life. I mean seriously, I would be struck by lightning if I tried to say I was perfect. There are days when dragging myself out of bed is a chore, let alone the kids. And breakfast some days are frozen waffles in the car on the way to school.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to live a more balanced life.

Life Coach, inspirational speaker, and mommy Lori Radun has written a book that can help!

The Momnificent Life is a great guide to living a healthy and balanced life.
Ok, I know, I’ve been throwing out this term “momnificent” and you are asking yourself or your computer, “what the heck does that mean?!?”
It’s a concept that is used to describe moms who know the value of living positive, healthy, and balanced lives. Again, this doesn’t meant that you live a perfect life and have no problems. It’s based on the fact that you strive for this balance and work toward it.

There are several things that I really liked about Lori’s book.

  • It can be used as a book club – One of the fundamentals of leading a balanced life is connecting with other moms; creating a group that you connect with and can offer/get support. Each chapter has “take action” assignments that allow you to share input with the rest of the group.
  • Short chapters – Yes, there are 59 of them, but because they are short you can easily just set out to read one per day. Trust me I know how hard it is to find time to brush your teeth each day let alone find some time to read, this book is just set up perfectly. You can knock out a chapter while the kids are napping or even while you are eating lunch. (You can also do it while in the bathroom but I wouldn’t recommend dilly dallying because this could happen to you.
  • “Take action assignments” and exercises – I mentioned these in the first bullet, but really they deserve their own. This book is interactive! One of the things that kinda bugs me about help books is they are just tons of information packed into 300 pages. Unless they are funny, I never really get much from them. The information just sorta goes in one eye and out the other. But the miscellaneous exercises in some of the chapters and then really having to think about what you just read during the Take Action Assignments, makes it all sink in. It makes it easier to store it in the room all us moms have in our brain. You know the room where we can pull up information when we need it most! I picture it to be dusty and full of file cabinets.

Probably my favorite chapter is titled “The Profession of Motherhood.” There is a great quote that starts this chapter out, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” – William Ross Wallace

Doesn’t that just make you smile? I love the way that Lori emphasizes that being a mom is a career; regardless if you are a stay at home mom or work in/outside the home. She lists out 13 skills that moms possess that could easily be put on a resume or used in your other profession.

One of the skills listed is “Motivating People to Take Action.” Ain’t this the truth! How much of our day is spent “motivating” our kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, quite sticking things up their nose? Of course this also can be applied to our husbands. “Hun, can you take out the trash?” Ten minutes later; “Please take out the trash now.” Five minutes later; “No, seriously; the trash needs to go outside now.” Two minutes later; “If you don’t take the trash out now I’m afraid Mr. Winky isn’t going to enjoy the rest of his evening.” Miraculously the chore gets done. 😉 Yes we are great motivators no?

This book gets 3.5 out of 5 Mad Hatter Hats.

This book doesn’t have all the answers to make your life better, but it is a great guide. If you are interested in making some changes that will in essence create a easier, smoother environment for you than I encourage you to take a look at this book. Heck, get a group of girlfriends and look at it together, we need all the help we can get!

The book can be purchased at the following locations:

*Disclaimer: I received the book “Momnificent” for free in exchange for this review.*


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