I shall name him Cleatus..

..and I will hug him and love him and…

So, now you’re wondering what the heck is she talking about. Remember Looney Tunes? The abominable snowman would pick up Bugs or some other character and practically squish them to death all while telling them how he will love and hug them and then name them George?


Well, I watched a lot of TV growing up.

Anyway, Cleatus is what I would name my BBSP, if I owned one. A BBSP is a BlackBerry Smart Phone and you would know this if you read Kathy Buckworth’s new book “The BlackBerry Diaries.”

blackberry-diaries-book“The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood” is a fabulously hilarious book about one woman’s, sometimes unhealthy, addiction to her BlackBerry, Seamus.

I don’t own a Blackberry  or iPhone. I consider myself lucky that I have a laptop I can take to the local indoor playhouse and hook up to free wifi while my kids run amok. However, after reading this book I have a severe case of Berry-envy. So now when I meet someone who has one I must tell them, “I refuse to get one of those leashes because I’m trying to simplify my life and they’re so obnoxious..no one really needs one.” And yes, the entire time I’m quoting that I’ll be secretly trying to figure out how to steal it.

Kathy doesn’t just write about her BB. She also documents the many thoughts she has about her kids and husband. These are thoughts all of us mom’s have at one point or another. And if you say you don’t then you’re in some serious denial or your brain has been snatched by aliens.

In her entry dated April 7th, she brings up a really good point. Only have childless people watch your kids. Why? Because they don’t know what good behavior is for a 4 year old and, more likely than not, will praise you for being a mom and able to take care of everything.

So, while you are searching at Amazon to get your copy I’m going to be combing the phone book for some nice childless grandparent types and then try drop my kids off at their house.

By the way..yes I do think that all BBSP’s should have a name ending in “us”.

This book gets 4.5 Mad Hatter Hats.


*Disclaimer: I received a copy of “The Blackberry Diaries” from Weber Shandwick in exchange for my opinion of the book*

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