Once upon a stalker..

Growing up, my parents listened to music from the 50’s and 60’s. We’re talking Frankie Valli, The Platters, Brenda Lee, and the Everly Brothers. Obviously, I ended up loving this music. My husband frequently teases me because he’s 10 years older but my music tastes are much more mature.

When I entered college I took a Music Appreciation class and tt was the coolest class ever! We studied each era of music, listened to various artist, and then write our opinion.

This is when I was introduced to “crooners”. I fell in LUV with Frank Sinatra. (Yes, thats love with an L-U-V!) And yes, I know there was a possibility that he was affiliated with the Mob but come on..admit it.. you play Mafia Wars!

Anyway, I lurved Frank so much that I wrote my term paper on him. 🙂

Then my husband suggested I listen to Harry Connick Jr.  At the first moment I heard his voice I knew that he was the man that would have been my husband if my actual husband hadn’t snatched me up first.

I’m drooling just looking at this picture! Is he not the most delicious thing EVER?!?

So, after hearing Harry Connick, Jr’s voice my affair with Frank declined. It was replaced with ALL things Harry.

I own all but 2 of Harry’s albums. Considering Harry currently has 26 albums out, I’d say I am FAN-atic!

Let me put it this way. I am 2 albums away from being a stalker. However, if there were money in it I would gladly  forgo the 26 album requirement and stalk Harry. Anyone want to sponsor me? No? FINE!

Back to the point, my boyfriend favorite singer, Harry just released his newest album “Your Songs” on September 22nd. “Your Songs” features 14 songs, 12 of which are covers by some of the greatest artists of all time, (including Frank Sinatra.) And thanks to my friends at One2One Network, I was able to get the CD before it was released in stores..hee hee..

I have been listening to this CD when I’m cooking dinner and baking. It totally transports me to a different place. A place in which there are no screaming kids or messy living rooms. Just me and Harry in a romantic setting with him singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”


To be transported to a location of your creation, buy “Your Songs”, available at AMAZON, TARGET and WALMART.

Also, you can see my future lover Harry TONIGHT on the Letterman Show and tomorrow morning on the Today Show.

On a side note…Harry’s version of “It Had To Be You” was my wedding song. See, stalker material.

*Disclaimer: I received “Your Songs” for free from One2One Network in exchange for this review.*


  1. It’s okay to be a stalker. You’re the good kind. I think Harry has a dreamy voice and I completely understand what you mean by be teleported away by good music. There’s nothing like it. He’s not a bad actor either!!


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