Same name.. different house


credit: Laura Mary

Hey everybody!

So you probably notice some changed around here. I’ve finally made the switch to a more professional looking WordPress site!

I’m pretty excited about the move, and let me tell you WordPress is like a grand parlour. Yes, that’s parlor with an “our,” all prim and proper.

It’s taken quit a bit of work, tweaking and re-tweaking and some awesome people that I met through Twitter, but we are up and going now!

So, I want to thank a couple of people… Alyssa from BlogPants and Caitlin aka MommyGeek . I highly recommend both of these fine ladies if you need help with WordPress!

I guess there’s only one thing left to say..”Welcome home Mad Hatter readers.. welcome home!”

(Oh, and take your shoes off!) 🙂


  1. Holy Rockin’ WOW!! It’s so so so fab! And I’m dying to get my wordpress mojo on too?? I found someone who’s willing to help.. but you think those gals you mention might help me?? SHEESH I don’t have time to figure it out myself…

    Here’s the theme I am grooving on.. what do you think?

    Rock on Girl! I love the photo on this post btw.. perfect.

  2. Aww, thank you Tina for the endless shout-outs! The blog is looking great, and I’m sure it will look even better in the future!

    Carissa, I would love to help you, so give me a ring! My email is alyssa [at] blogpants [dot] net.

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