Sometimes, love just IS enough..

I use Facebook for keeping in touch with family members, high school friends, all my fellow mommy bloggers, and companies.

It really is a great tool, plus just a lot of fun! I can spend hours on the thing just reloading to see who has posted something.

However; I didn’t think that Facebook would change my view of my step daughter.

You see my step daughters have never been asked to call me “mom”. From the time I met them I have always been “Tina.” When introduced to friends it was “Tina.”

Now, I will be honest. My oldest step daughter and I do not have a very good relationship. Perhaps, I didn’t put in enough effort or I just got burned too many times; regardless my youngest step daughter B and I have gotten along a lot better. B was the inspiration of this post.

Recently, while on Facebook I received a notification. You know the little red box in the lower right had corner that lights up when one of your friends does something. Well, I clicked on it and the simple sentence I read made my heart jump…

“B has listed you as her mother.”

Does she call me mom.. no. But I don’t mind; I have learned that loving and supporting is enough to make her happy.


  1. That was beautiful! Just made my heart melt!

  2. Jackie at 3littleones says:

    wow – that post just made my heart melt as well! 🙂

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