Disney On Ice Meet ‘n Greet

I know, I know! I’ve been talking about posting this for like 2 days!

But here it is!

So, this past Friday I, (along with my family,) was given the opportunity to head to a meet and greet for the bloggers that helped out my friends at R-West PR with their Disney on Ice campaign. We hosted a local contests on our sites for family packs of tickets to the show.

The meet and greet was such a cool surprise too. I had already posted my 3rd Tinkerbell Tuesday when sweet Molly from R-West sends me an email that the meet and greet is in the works. I was super excited to meet some other bloggers from the Pac NW. Before the contest I only knew of 2 others even though I’m sure that are TONS of us out there.

MM_DOIIn addition to the meet and greet we were able to meet Mickey and Minnie AND were given tickets to the show! We were able to hang out in the Courtside Lounge at the Rose Garden and snack on popcorn, chicken strips, and various drinks.

My very favorite part was meeting the bloggers!

Angela and Rebecca from Frugal Living NW. They were both super nice and Angela is my new hero! This lady showed up after giving birth 2 DAYS before!! And when I told her how unbelievable it was she replied, “Like I was going to miss this!” If you live in the NW go check out their blog. These ladies are awesome at finding great deals. They are Couponista’s!

I was also able to meet Jen, the Thrifty NW Mom. This lady drove all the way from NW Washington to join in on the fun! Jen is another frugal momma. She posts great deals and coupons from your favorite stores and websites.

We were a little rushed, so I was bummed we didn’t get to spend as much time getting to know each other but I’m now frequenting their blogs and am looking forward to Angela and Rebecca’s Coupon Express class starting in January!

Now, I’m going to get kind of mushy on you all.

See, R-West is truly a blessing to me. We are a single family income. (I do work part time but that just covers the bills my husbands income doesn’t.) Our family is on a pretty strict budget. That’s not to say that we don’t budget money for entertainment but typically that entertainment is a movie or video game rental.

Because of R-West and their willingness to work with this mommy-blogger, my children have had the opportunity to experience some truly unbelievable things. (Check out Pedi’s with a Pachyderm.) They’ve also been able to do things we otherwise wouldn’t afford. For instance it would have cost our family close to $100 to go see Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus when they were at the Rose Garden, but because of R-West my kids were able to see animals that they have only seen in books and watch unfathomable feats. Because of R-West my kids STILL talk about seeing the elephants and clowns 3 months later!

AinDOIAnd now I have R-West to thank for seeing the wonder on my kids faces as they watch the amazing spectacle of Disney on Ice.

It was when my daughter yelled “No!” at the tops of her lungs when they announced intermission just how thankful I was.

Then I watched her as Tinkerbell skated across the ice. Her eyes were glued to the ice, not even cotton candy could draw her away.

I actually became somewhat emotionally watching her and my son. Knowing that if it weren’t for R-West that moment wouldn’t have been possible.




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