I’m Ridin’ with Rebecca!

There’s a new kids album coming out in November and if your kids can’t sit still when they hear music with a good beat then I encourage you to put this in their stocking this year.


I thought long and hard about how to do this review.

I could tell you what I thought about the CD.

Like how I really liked the music, and that the only thing I didn’t like was that there weren’t enough songs on it for me! I could tell you that I’ve listened to it like 40 times in the last week and it hasn’t annoyed me whatsoever. Or, how my favorite human on Sesame Street, Gordon (Roscoe Orman), makes a special appearance on one of the songs.

Or I could tell you how Rebecca and her 7-piece band have won 14 national awards, and have 10 nationally televised music videos to their credit. How you have probably seen them on Noggin or PBS Kids.

I could tell you that Rebecca’s focus has been on creating music for that group of kids that are sort of “in-between.” They are too old to listen to the toddler tunes that we start to play early in their lives but not quite old enough to start listening to mainstream pop music.

I could tell you that Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’ features 8 songs, which include 6 brand new songs and 2 specially remixed tracks as well as a bonus video! The songs include:

  • Big Truck (remix)
  • Rock Like This
  • Hey-O (featuring Roscoe Orman)
  • Motorcycle Boy
  • Robot Dancer
  • Rocketship
  • Smiling Moon
  • Superman (remix)

Yes I COULD tell you all that; but instead, I wanted you to see how my 2 (almost 3) year old daughter reacts when we put the music on.

That’s right folks. That right there should be enough for you to want to go out and get this CD! The CD will be available to the masses Nov. 10th, like I said, just in time for those Christmas stockings!

You can check out more music by Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck at their site Big Truck Music.

*Disclaimer: Waldmania provided the music CD, I provided the genes, my daughter provided the moves!*


  1. Look at her breaking it down like her Momma!! Can you do that head on the floor move too?

  2. RobMonroe says:

    I think that might be the best spokesperson for a CD I have ever seen!!


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