Monday Mingle Part Deux

Monday, Monday, Monday!!

It’s that time again!!

So you all know the drill.. Jen at gives us some questions and we give you the answers vlog style like, all the while making complete fools or ourselves. Oh wait, that’s just me.

Well, here it is! My contribution to this week and can I just say that I didn’t watch any other mingles until after mine was completed and I feel like such a dork!

I’m sorry it’s so darn long winded but seriously, I’m tired and just rambled on and on.. I even edited out like 5 minutes!


Here’s a link to the post I mentioned.. BIG TRUCK


  1. I love Cherry Coke! Yum.

    Woot get that sponsorship lady! Work it! I totally loved the Adam joke for sure! WEWT on 31!! You have gray? You gotta wash that gray right out of your hair! LOL

    Okay I am totally unworthy! You RAWKED it!! I love that you danced and OMG you totally had WAY too much coffee. I love it!!!

    Seriously we have to meet and YOU will make it to BlogHer and I will SO, SO dance with you!! We will! We will dance!

    WOOT on the garden gnomes! HA HA I love the costume ideas. I hear you on time, PITA.

    I freaking always love your mingle! You so have to go to BlogHer!!

  2. Mrs. Cox says:

    LOL I hate that too. That happens to me often. Jokes are funnier to me the first time aloud, then not so much after a few times…

    Seventy! LMAO You do look damn good for 70 for sure. Yes, might as well embrace it. Oh dear, I have grey hairs, have had them for years actually. Genetics are a bitch. Those hairs are unruly for sure.

    Oh hey! Work it girl! You can dance, you have fun – that’s the best!

    It sounds like they had a great Halloween, with store bought costumes even. I wish I was crafty enough to make costumes. So kudos for that.

    Was a pleasure mingling with you again! Have a great week!

  3. 78 years old?? Damn you look good. ROFL. I hear ya on the grey hairs – they always stick straight up – I hate that!

    Your dancing was classic – you had me roaring with laughter (not because of your dancing, but the “sexah” songs you chose. You are a female Greg in my book (no offense Greg). You make me laugh like he does – I love it!

    I am so, so glad you mingled again – I couldn’t wait for you to link up today.

    Come back next week too k???

  4. I don’t know where the “M” came from on my name in my last comment but it was from me LOL.

  5. LMAO on the Cherry coke….I used to drink the regular stuff like water. I don’t know how it happened but I somehow don’t drink any soda at all anymore. I think I just got too poor to buy it, lol. Sad but true.

    I really like both your jokes! 🙂

    LOL! Aw it’s ok to have greys. If it makes you feel better I have not one but TWO friends who have consistent grey hairs, and one of them is only 21. You look FABULOUS. Don’t fret. 😉

    Your dancing is SA-weet! Kudos to you! I also wanted you to know that both songs you picked have special meaning to me, so thanks for that brief little trip down memory lane with some awesome dancing!

    Your past Halloween costumes are SO cute and original! I adore the baker, bread, and bun in the oven! There’s nothing wrong with Spiderman and Spidergirl either. Totally classic heroes.

  6. Ok… so I need to fully admit this… I’ve never had cherry choke (gasp!) But I promise if you get to BlogHer 2010 I will drink it just for you.

    The Adam joke made me blurt out in laughter. I totally didn’t see that coming.

    You definitely look damn good for 78!! My sister told me a few months ago that I have a ton of greys. I’m going to ignore them and pretend they are not there.

    Oh my gosh, you dance just like I do!! YOU DANCED TO JUMP ON IT! I swear I said “No! She didn’t!” so excited and so loud that the children stopped yelling for a full thirty seconds. You ROCK.

    I love ghost shows too, they are super addicting. I cannot wait for you to Mingle again. I absolutely love watching you each week.

  7. Badger Momma says:

    Mmmmm Cherry Coke.

    I loved your joke. 🙂

    I hear you about the gray hair. Wiry little buggers. I hate them with a passion. I’m a plucker too. Can’t have the gray messing with my red!

    You are so brave! I’m so glad you danced on your vlog. You’re a GREAT dancer! Chubby ha! I saw you have to tug up your pants. I wish I could dance like that and have the courage to show everyone.

    Garden gnomes FTW! My kids don’t care whether their costumes are store bought either. They love picking out their own. Mine were cats this year.

    Loved your mingle. See you next week!

  8. Badger Momma says:

    OMG I forgot to mention that I saw your drum kit in the background when you were dancing. Rock Band? Love it. We play just about every day.

  9. I’m late lat late. I had a mad two weeks. So glad to see you mingling again.

    You got coffee???/ Yes! I find that I’ve been craving coffee these past few weeks. I don’t drink the thing.

    …but I don’t drink coke at all. Not soda at all. Maybe a sprite once a year.

    I refuse to come between a marriage 🙂 I likey the jokes!

    Happy forward birthday. You are a beautiful 29…30!

    I have grays. I’ve always have them since I was a child. I even have gold ones.

    My grays don’t lay. My hair doesn’t lay period. It’s kinky 🙂

    I think they grays just loves to be noticed. So they stand up and go hi! 🙂

    I LOVE YOU! YOu danced! You shaked that booty! Whooooooo! I love you!

    Me I can’t help but move! I play my music so loud I think my neighbor hate me. Gosh we’d so hook up at blogher!

    I love your mingle 🙂

    I hope your week is going great!


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