My Lovely Little Bump…

It’s my birthday.

Today marks the beginning of my 31st year on this earth.

Instead of celebrating today, I actually had an evening with my family last night filled with laughs, presents and a 7lb chocolate cake.

So, what am I doing today you ask?

Well, I’m having surgery.

By the time many of you are reading this I will be asleep having my wrist cut open.

Yes, you read that correctly. For my 31st birthday I am having surgery on my wrist. That little smiley face is a cyst I have that is growing on my wrist bone. Well, actually is growing from the joint and has gotten so big that it is now positioned over the bone.

See, in the last month I have found out that I am a bit of a freak. Not only do I have this huge growth on my wrist, but when my surgeon delved further he found out that I have a torn ligament, torn cartilage AND my bone is abnormally long by several millimeters. Sweet right?

What’s even more comforting is when my surgeon told me that he had never seen anyone with these 4 things going on at the same time and that he was going to confer with some colleagues. Wouldn’t ya now that those surgeons had never seen a patient like me either. Sweet isn’t it?

So, on this my 31st birthday I say goodbye to what my kids lovingly call “Bump” and the cartilage will be repaired. And I will spend my day doped on some serious pain killers and left alone in my room with my computer, TV and drink of my choice.

The lengths I’ll go to to get some quiet time eh? 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh! Well — first happy {belated} birthday. Second – I hope your surgery went well. Crazy.

  2. Wowy!! I am so sorry you had to have that surgery. I’ve also read the aftermath but decided to say something here. Is that a ganglion cyst? Hubby had two of those buggers growing extremely close together in the bottom side of his right wrist. This was 3 years ago, and we came to call them the “scarabs” because they truly looked like a complete scarab body trying to make its way up to the palm of his hand! We were going to get them removed, but then he got testicular cancer, had radiation, then one day when he felt better, he was gently wrestling on the floor with our daughter and he accidentally beaned his scarabs a good one on a bookcase of ours. It didn’t hurt like one of those “mother #*@(@!#$)” pains that can happen with ganglions, but he said he saw stars for a minute. Then slowly, every slowly they went away by themselves! Isn’t that something else? We’re still in awe. I have one in my right deltoid that’s been growing for 11 years now, I was just finishing up college 10 years ago when I realized a pea-sized bump was growing in my arm. Now it’s the size of a kiwi and really hurts when pushed or when I lie on my right side (obviously, right?). But I’m truly sorry about all the things that happened after surgery because I DEFINITELY know how you must have felt in the recovery room. I have grand mal seizures after general anesthetic, and when docs choose not to listen when we tell them that the anesthesia is the culprit, they get to watch me seize and call code red. Big hugs to you, I’m so sorry!
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