Kissin’ ain’t just for the Irish!

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Okay, so in all truthfulness I am in fact Irish. But, I’m also a strong believer that you don’t have to be a certain nationality to celebrate their specific holidays.

I want my kids to be exposed to many cultures, so if that means celebrating the Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, or Yom Kippur, I’m all for it.

In my opinion St. Patrick’s Day falls right in the mix.

Of course we will be eating corned beef and cabbage for dinner but I also want to have fun throughout the entire day.

I have a friend who helps her kids build a leprechaun trap the evening before St. Patrick’s Day. The kids get really inventive and use things around the house to build their “trap”.

On St. Patrick’s Day morning the kids check their trap. And although they never seem to be able to catch him, the leprechaun leaves them a little something in appreciation of their effort. 🙂

My big thing is food. I always have corned beef and cabbage or an Irish stew for dinner. This year I wanted all meals to be in the spirit.

By the way, when cooking for St. Patrick’s Day, green food coloring will become your best friend!

For breakfast our menu includes Irish Soda Bread that I am going to bake just like french toast. It just sounds absolutely yummy to me!

For lunch I am going to do a green inspired Muffin Tin. If you haven’t heard of Muffin Tin meals they are a super cool way to give your kids lunch or dinner. I use a tin that has 6 wells and then fill them up with various foods. For St. Paddy’s Day I plan on putting in some kiwi, grapes, and green apples with some vanilla yogurt that I will add green coloring to that they can dip in. My kids love cucumbers and celery so that will fulfill their veggies requirement. To give them some protein I am going to make some ham and turkey wraps using spinach tortillas for that green color, (and another way to get their veggies in!)

After lunch we will be making mini pots of gold using black construction paper to make our “pots” and then filling them them with chocolate coins. I’ll let the kids partake in their coins after dinner.

What do you do for St. Patrick’s Day??

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