Monday Mingle : In All Seriousness

Now before you all pass out from shock, yes it’s true. I am mingling this week. I know it’s been a LONG time, but ya know, absence makes the heart grow fonder. πŸ™‚

Because it has been a while I will go over all the mingle particulars. Monday Mingle is hosted by Jen from Eighty MPH Mom. You can visit your site and other minglers by clicking on the button above. The mingle consists of 3 questions that the participants answer via a vlog post. It’s a great way to ‘get to know’ fellow bloggers or bloggers that you have been reading for a while.

This week the questions were submitted by Erin from Mrs. Cox’s Slice ‘O Heaven.

1. If you had the financial ability to donate $100,000 to a charity, which would it be and why?
2. Have you given money to a panhandler before?
3. Have you ever given your time to a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc.?


  1. Nice new look!!

  2. Yay you are back!! I have missed you something terrible! Great music choice by the way : )

    Thanks for inviting new people – I appreciate that!

    I think food and clothing are excellent things to give to the panhandlers. I know which report you were talking about and some of them make lots of money! I don’t mind helping, I just want to know it will go to good use.

    I can’t wait to see you again next week missy!

  3. She’s **back in black** Now with added screeching! πŸ˜€

    You’re charity sounds amazing. I also know of one that offers cleaning to cancer patients – it’s such a blessing.

    I’m curious now, to see how much they make from panhandling! I am well aware that my money might be taken under false pretenses, but I feel like I’m doing it aware of that fact, and coming from a good heart…so, it is what it is.

    I think the design is fabulous!
    .-= @LastMinuteMandy´s last blog ..I’d rather make a change =-.

  4. What a wonderful foundation. It sounds like they do fantastic work.

    That was soooo cute how your little girl just ran in for a quick pat on the back and ran off again.

    I agree that food and clothes are the best things to give. Yes, it’s crazy that they can make more money panhandling than working.

    Talk soon
    ps. My Mingle is at—which-charity-would-you-choose
    .-= Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)´s last blog ..Remembering My Mom on Mother’s Day =-.

  5. Welcome back! I love how creative you all are with the intros to your vlogs. I’m gonna have to get cracking.

    LOL @ the kid screaming ~ I remember those screams (they don’t stop when they become tweens and teens). Sorry.

    How cool is Seeds of Hope! Nice program.

    I remember that story about the pan handlers ~ that’s so sad that people do that. So crazy.

    Anyway, hope you have a happy and healthy week.
    .-= Daenel Vaughn-Tucker´s last blog ..Book Review: Rooms: A Novel by James L. Rubart =-.

  6. Mrs. Cox says:

    Why so serious? LOL Get your funny on, we managed to laugh a few times in ours. πŸ˜€
    LMAO that was a squeal!
    Seeds of Hope πŸ™‚ I think I’ve heard of that one! Great organization.
    Oh lol what was that! She just needed to whimper and then was done?
    They make ridiculous money. That’s why I am glad I don’t carry cash on me anymore. LOL God love ya. I love your mingles, woman.

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