Filling a void

I am a Gleek. There I said it.

During the season my week was spent counting down the days until Glee was on and once the weekly episode was over I would basically just start over my routine. Now that Glee is over the for season I’ve been trying to find a show that fills the void.

Luckily, I found “High Drama 2”. “High Drama 2” follows the theater company of Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as they put on their best show yet: The Wizard of Oz. “High Drama 2” is an original web series only available on

What I love about this show is watching the love these kids have for theater. And I can totally relate to some of the disappoint they feel when not getting a role they so badly wanted, one person in particular is Leanna. Leanna was trying out for the role of Glinda the Good Witch. When the casting list was posted she discovers that not only has she not gotten the part of Glinda but that her best friend has.

When I was younger my class was getting ready to do a holiday program. I so badly wanted to be the narrator, but when auditions came around I was sick. By the time I got back to school our teacher had already chosen the narrator. My heart was broken. I decided that it wasn’t fair that I hadn’t had a chance to try out so I created an audition tape. It ended to no avail. I still didn’t get the part and although¬† I was sad I eventually worked through it and was able to be happy for my friends who got the part.

You should totally check out “High Drama 2”. The first 5 episodes are available at, you can check out the first episode now!

*Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘High Drama 2.'”*


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