Body Gospel: 2 Weeks in

So I know I promised that I would updating weekly and honestly I had every intention of doing so!

I even recorded my little video last week. But sadly it never got edited or uploaded because I was busy getting ready to attend my first blog conference. I’m not going to go too into it because you can read about it here and here; let’s just say it was everything I hoped and more!

That being said, I am now two weeks into the program. I will tell you that I didn’t end up doing the workout while I was in Utah. Mainly I wasn’t in my room for any extended period of time. I did get exercise in though. I walked over 15,000 steps a day! Most of which was uphill or up stairs and did I mention that I was in Utah, on a mountain?!? So, breathing was a little difficult at times, plus it was quite warm there.

I will tell you that I do love the workouts though. I’ve been following, (as closely as possible,) the calendar that was included in my kit. It basically has me alternating between the Body Revival (cardio), Core Revelation, and Stretch in the Spirit workouts. The calendar suggests I work out for 6 days, take a day off, then work out for 5 days, day off, etc. Once I get down to 4 days in row I then add on a day again until I’m back up to 6.

Here is a little insight to the other changes I have made

  • Cut out caffeine completely (obtained through soda mainly)
  • Watching portion size
  • Healthier snacks

I was drinking A LOT of soda each day so I decided to cut it out completely, cold turkey! I’m happy to say that I didn’t experience any headaches and I actually seems to have more energy and am able to go to sleep at a decent hour which helps me get up earlier as well. I’m really watching my portion sizes. In the past I would eat a huge chicken breast or several servings of whatever dish I had prepared for dinner. Now I’m taking a conservative portion and drinking water to fill in the holes. Now, I do still crave snacks. Probably more so than I did when I was filling my body with so much food at each meal, but instead of reaching for chips or cookies I’ve incorporated more raw veggies and fruits.

And now the results…

Total pounds lost in 2 weeks:


Now I know this isn’t a huge number but I am very happy with it! I’m hoping now that I am home and can really devote all my time to the program that number will jump up.

Next week I’ll be back with measurements, a more thorough description of the program and a new way to enter the giveaway!


  1. Great job!! keep up the work!! we will see a whole new you in 90 days!!

  2. Rachel S says:

    Wow! that is a great job…and 6 pounds is fabulous. Most people are lucky to lose 1 a week.

  3. Stacie Shaver says:

    Great job.. 6 lbs in two weeks is the perfect amount!!! 🙂 you are doing great!!

  4. Great job Tina!!!
    Now if only could find the motivation….

    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle Summertime Fun-

  5. Dood! That is amazing. You are my idol. I wish I could kick my Pepsi habit… but the force is strong with that blue can.
    Steph´s last blog post ..The Hairless Truth

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