Jackpots, Crazies and Mugs

I know some of you are going, “you’re back?” I didn’t know you in the first place. But that’s okay. It’s great to see so many new people mingling and if you go back and look at the older mingles you just might see my face on some of them. 😉

For those that are new to my site please look around, enter a giveaway, watch a vlog or read a post or four.

This week I was upstaged during my Mingle.. He’s lucky he’s my kid because usually that wouldn’t fly! Enjoy 🙂

Check out what the other minglers had to say by clicking on the Monday Mingle button at the top of the post.


  1. YOu are BACK!!!

    (But I can’t talk, my jaw is on the floor.)
    Love the monkey on your back! What did U give him before the mingle, a shot of expresso?) LOL. (Where do kids get all their energy, honestly?)
    Anyhoo, It is NICE to see you back!! I missed ya!

    I know who U are…I rank you up there with Speedy and Telling Dad…And I LOVE your video work!!

    Speedy has won 7,500 bucks. Yeah, she is awesome. She is gonna win me some money one day…LOL.
    50 dollars is good…for the penny slot machine..
    Thanks for coming back even though U had a monkey on your back, give him a banana next time, maybe he’ll settle down. 🙂
    one cluttered brain´s last blog post ..Two for one- Oh me- oh my-

  2. I haven’t won either.

    Girlfriends in Vegas sounds like a blast!

    I agree with the comment above, your videos rock!

  3. Hello.
    Great Mingle. I like your monkey – that was fun!
    I agree – no messy with the facey – don’t want to look abnormal and then get stuck that way!
    have a great week.

  4. Mrs. Cox says:

    Good morning darlin! Welcome back!

    Charlie is saying hi to your monkey 😉 LOL

    Hmm it sounds like I need to hit up a casino with you and Speedy. That’d be a kick in the pants even if I lost.

    Your family rocks the crazy! LOL I love your face. 😉

    Have a great week!

  5. Nice to meet you. Cute kid showing off your earrings for you.
    Nolie´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle

  6. Your son is too cute.

    Crazy is relational isn’t it? The closer you are to them, the more you see the crazy. That’s why I’m glad my family is far, far away. LOL

    Have a great week.
    Daenel´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle- Jackpots- Nuts and Surgery

  7. Welcome back – I totally missed you! I enjoyed seeing the monkey, and him saying hello to everyone.

    I find it hard to believe that there might be nuts on your side of the family (total sarcasm here lol). We all do have a few I suppose.

    I love your face too – you shouldn’t change a thing : ) I wouldn’t mess with my face either – maybe a few other things, but don’t toucha the face!

    Thanks for mingling!
    Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom´s last blog post ..More Step into Summer winners-

  8. Hello my Tina!!!
    I like your monkey, hope he’s trained! lol
    I’m with you, I need some suck and tuck!!! You seen that woman with the cat face? That should scare anyone from playing with their face! Hee

    Have a good week Tina and Monkey-man!!

    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle Vlog Gambling- Relatives and Plastic Surgery – oh- my-

  9. I loved your blog and your little guy in the background. That’s about the same energy level as my kids! LMAO about messing the junk up – you are hilarious!

    Hope you have a great week!
    Shannon (The Mommy-Files)´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle – July 12- 2010


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