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I love to sit and watch my kids use their imaginations to play. It’s fun just listening to the funny voices they adopt or even the stories that they come up with.

Since my son starts kindergarten next year my 3 year old daughter will spend much of the day by herself. Of course I will be with her but I’m not able to spend the whole day playing with her. I do set aside at least an hour that I get down on the floor and play or read books and we will undoubtedly go to the park as long as the weather cooperates. But there will also be times when she will have to entertain herself.

When we got Pop On Pals, I decided to have Ainsley try them out first. I wanted to see if it was a toy that she would be able to enjoy without her older brother around. She played for over 30 minutes with just the Amusement Park and then she started incorporating some of her other toys and creating a little town with her doll houses. She was quite upset when it was time to pick up her brother because she didn’t want to leave.

Once Ian was home they played pretty well with it together. I definitely need to add another “Pal” into the mix so they each can be a person.

From a mom’s point of I like the fact that the toy didn’t have a ton of annoying sounds. There is music that is plays that lasts about 15 seconds and 2 other quick sounds that occur when the kids “Pop” their pal into a certain spot. I also like that the batteries only power the sounds. So if you flip it off (there’s a switch on the bottom) the kids can still make the toy move. (The ferris wheel goes around and the dragon swing goes back and forth when you push a lever on the side.)
Probably the only thing that I didn’t like about the toy was the roller coaster. The Pal didn’t always stay in the car as he was going down and also I don’t like how the track just drops off and then nothing. I think it would have been better to either have a stopper or have the track go all the way to floor level so if the kids are playing on a hard floor the coaster car would keep going.

About the toy:

  • For ages 2-4
  • Several different pack and playsets to choose from (Check out to see them all.)
  • Pals come with mix n’ match rings so your fireman can become a musician or the princess a baker.
  • The Pop On Pals Amusement Park Play Set that we reviewed retails for around $34.99
  • Pop On Pals are available at Toys R’ Us , Target, Kmart, Sears and else where.

*Disclosure: The Amusement Park was provided for this review by being part of Team Mom.*


  1. I love to listen to my little one play. It’s funny to hear her repeat things I’ve told her or things she’s picked up from her daycare teachers. It’s amazing how quickly they learn and grow!
    Aleksandra´s last blog post ..Kitchen Tip- Got Dry Bread Make Bread Crumbs!

  2. What a cool little toy!
    I bet my 2 year old would LOVE it…
    i can so relate to the fighting..”Not this way, THIS way.”
    one cluttered brain´s last blog post ..Where to find me today

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