I always feel like, somebody’s watching me

Do you remember that song?

It was by a band called Rockwell in the early 80’s. If you ever watched the video, it was a little creepy. I remember after watching it I got a little freaked out and kept thinking there was something in the closet watching me. (Give me a break I was 5!)

Anyway, last week after writing about “Rubicon”, I started thinking about conspiracy theories or just the fact that there is an agency whose job it is to search for patterns or hidden messages in order to discover secret plots against the country. Just last month in the news there was a story about a Russian Spy Ring being arrested after a multi-year investigation discovered that they “allegedly used steganography, hiding secretive data in an image, and radiograms, bursts of data sent by a radio transmitter that resemble the sound of Morse code, as part of their secret communications with the Russian government.” (From ABC News).

I have to admit that after watching the pilot episode last week I’ve been looking at the newspaper in a whole new light. For instance, looking at each of the first letters of each line in a story to see if they create words or sentences. Or looking for hidden pictures within advertisements.

You’ll be happy to know that as of yet I have not discovered anything. Although, I’m by no means a professional at it so I could be missing something. :S

AMC’s newest original drama series “Rubicon” debuts on Sunday, August 1 with a special two-hour premiere from 8–10pm ET. Be sure to check it out!

*Dislosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord to raise awareness for “Rubicon.” *



  1. Seriously, looks good!

  2. picked up the link from your twitter. Used the tweet this thing:magic.
    I cannot view the TV clips as I am way down here. oh well
    Interesting post and thoughts.
    off to have a look at some more.
    Im doing 31DBBB and Im in SITS/BlogFrog.
    Jane in Australia´s last blog post ..the man that held my heart

  3. I loved that dang song. Wasn’t Michael Jackson singing backup on it or something?

    Also…I’m way into shows like Rubicon. I’m also a closet conspiracy theorist so I’m all over this series.

    (Here from BlogFrog/SITS!)
    San Diego Momma´s last blog post ..One Born Every Minute

    • I’ll have you know that I’ve had that song in my head all flippin’ day! And if it’s not MJ then that dude should seriously consider being a impressionist.

  4. repeating to myself ::I do not need another show to watch, I do not need another show to watch:: but it sounds so good!

    Visiting from SITS/31DBBB!
    Jamee´s last blog post ..You asked- I’ve responded!

  5. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I once watched an English movie from sometime in the 1960’s I believe. I don’t remember the name. Yet, it showed a room of English women (mostly) and some men
    that we’re highly intelligent working on code breaking. After watching that I learned often there is a numerical code placed somewhere in the middle of articles that tell you what type of series of code breaking it will take to complete the decoding of an article. Sometimes it may be something like a code number 30 for example (just a random choice of mine, since I don’t know because I’m not a code breaker) and it may mean to decode via every fifth word, first letter, spelling words in a certain foreign language, then to decode that language into their own language. It’s very involved.
    It could take those decoders weeks to decode a single piece of evidence.

    • WOW!
      Yep, I can honestly say that I would not have the patience for that kind of work. Nor do I have the math skills that it probably takes as well.

      Thanks so much for this awesome insight!

  6. Ofthesea says:

    that sounds like a fun show, and I’ll definitely take a look. Did you also write secret messages in lemon juice that could only be “revealed” by heating the paper? I was a rocking spy as a kid!

    But what I really want to know is, HOW do you get WB to hire you? Cool beans!! 🙂
    Ofthesea´s last blog post ..Reason 56 – It’s work if I say it is


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