Superstitions and Conspiracies

I’ve never been a superstitious person.

Thinking about it the closest superstition I ever had was when I was a kid. Our garage was detached from the house and often times my mom would send me out there to get something from of the freezer. Once I entered the garage I would have to talk to the car and boat that were in there. I felt like if I didn’t talk to them nicely and let them know what I was doing in “their” garage that they would come to life and run over me. Really this wasn’t so much a superstition, it was mainly because I had watched the movie “Christine” way to young.

Anyway, last night I was checking out the pilot for a new series that is coming to AMC in August called “Rubicon,” (you can watch a preview of it at the bottom of the post.) The show follows an agency whose sole purpose is to break patterns and codes that ultimately lead to discovering conspiracies.

Several of the characters in the show are extremely superstitious, I don’t even think extremely is the right word, perhaps fanatically superstitious is better. It got me thinking if there was anything that I am superstitious about and perhaps don’t even realize it. So I asked Hubs but he wasn’t much help.

About the only thing I can come up with is that when I watch my nephew play baseball (or any sport) if he is doing well then I need to keep doing the same thing. Meaning if I was sitting on the edge of seat when he was batting and he got a really great hit then I feel the need to make sure I’m sitting on the edge of my seat when he is up again. I know it sounds ridiculous but really most superstitions do. My little quirk with my nephew started when he began to be more competitive in sports. He plays on a traveling baseball team in which he compete against the best players his age in our district. For the last 3 years their team has come in 2nd in the county, missing going to the State Championship by just one game. These games are probably the worse for me.

Compared to David, one of the characters in “Rubicon” this is nothing! David goes out of his way to avoid the number 13, he throws salt over his shoulder, and when a broom brushes up against his foot, buys it in order to spit on it reversing the bad luck that it can bring.

“Rubicon” is already set on my DVR. It very much looks like an interesting show with some interesting plot surprises.

AMC’s newest original drama series “Rubicon” debuts on Sunday, August 1 with a special two-hour premiere from 8–10pm ET.

Here’s the sneak peek:

*Dislosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord to raise awareness for “Rubicon.” *



  1. DOOD! what if they hired you to actually be superstitious?

    I am too cynical to be superstitious…. except around black cats, or ladders, or spilled salt.
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