My Guilty Pleasure

It begins like this.

I’m laying in bed late on Wednesday night. My hubs is snoring quietly, for the moment, beside me. I start surfing the channels for something to watch and suddenly I hear it. The theme song that instantly makes my heart beat a bit faster and I sit up a little in bed, and I begin to sing quietly along because yes I know EVERY word.

Yes I know. What could I possibly like about this show. In all honesty I don’t know. I just love it and I can’t not watch it when I see it on. I started watching before I had kids. I remember when it was Dog, Youngblood (Tim), Leland, and Beth. That was it. Every once in a while Dog’s nephew Justin would help out but he wasn’t allowed to do much.

Thinking back I can’t quite recall what made me start watching the show. It may have been when Dog came to Oregon to look for a teenage girl who was missing. He couldn’t really do anything though because his bounty hunter license didn’t allow him to hunt in Oregon. 🙂 In the end it turned out said girl had run off with her high school sports coach.

But back to the show. I just love the whole dynamic! The thrill of the hunt!

So what’s your guilty pleasure?
Dog Bounty Hunter


  1. Has to be the Real Houswives of New Jersey. Seriously have to watch it. It drives my hubby crazy. But whatever he has to watch Repoman.

  2. Dood… I am like the biggest reality TV whore ever. I pretty much love it ALL!
    Steph´s last blog post ..Were so Classy-Redneck Flowbee Edition

  3. Oh my goodness… right now I LOVE True Blood. I just finished season 1 on Netflix and I’m reading the books, too. But I’m waaaay ahead on the books.
    Alisha´s last blog post ..First Day of School – 2010

  4. I’ve been watching bad tv all summer. The Real Housewives series (all that were on), Jersey Couture, Jersey Shore, True Blood, and Bethenney Got Married.
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Autism-Asperger’s Blog Hop

  5. Hahaha – I love the picture!! You are hilarious. I will admit I watched a season or two of this. Now we are cable-less.
    Pepper´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday- Point of View

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