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Birthday Parties for us are sometimes tough.

With my daughter born in the winter and my son in early spring, having an outdoor party isn’t an option for us. Our house is somewhat on the small side so that also rules out a party there. Our only real option is to have a party at a local indoor play structure. But in all honesty, after 4 years of having parties there, we’re getting a little bored with the place.

Pump It UpAlthough it would require the birthday guests to travel we are thinking of holding the next party at Pump It Up about 25 minutes away. If you’re not familiar with Pump It Up it’s an indoor party zone! They have custom bounce houses, slides, obstacles courses and more. And yes, I’m pretty excited about it. Parents are encouraged to join their kids in the fun so what’s not to love!

Pump It Up offers some great party packages. Whether you keep the party big or small, there is a package that will fit the size. Included in the packages is at least an hour in your own private bounce area as well as the use of the party room. They will also take care of the party set-up, clean-up and supply you with paper products!

PIU Goodie BagAnd if that weren’t enough, they also offer all kinds of party extra’s you can add to keep your sanity. Their newest add on is Party Goodie Bags! For just $3.50 per person you can have the bags made for your party and waiting for you when you get there. It’s a great deal, at least for me because I end up spending about that much on each bag anyway. Each bag comes with Sidewalk Chalk, pair of Thunder Sticks and a Roto Launcher and either an inflatable ball or Disc Shooter based on location.

My kids had a great time playing with the treats in the bag and it’s been 4 days and they aren’t broken yet! This basically shows that they are a bit more sturdy than the party favors you might find at the dollar store.

I want you to see the value in having a party at Pump It Up! I get to give away 3 goodie bags for you to check out yourself!

Leave a comment tell me if you prefer a smaller birthday party or if “More the Merrier” is your motto.

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*Disclosure: Pump It Up supplied me with a goodie bag to review and giveaway.*


  1. We usually have about 20-30 people for the party.I stick with close family and friends.

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    amanda h

  5. the more the merrier

  6. Being a mom of twins, I have to say smaller. Easier to clean up. That’s the ticket.

  7. small controllable

  8. Angela Tyler says:

    I am a More the Merrier mom…love Birthday Parties, especially when they get older and I can give them a surprise party!

  9. We are the more the merrier! It is once a year special day for them!

  10. Ruth Hill says:

    A smaller birthday party is definitely my preference.

  11. Ruth Hill says:

    gfc follower

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    your facebook fan

  13. Nicole C. says:

    I like a smaller birthday party.

  14. Nicole C. says:

    I follow on gfc.

  15. I like small family birthday parties for my kiddos šŸ™‚
    KristieĀ“s last blog post ..Its a Girlx 3!

  16. I subscribe via e-mail.
    KristieĀ“s last blog post ..Its a Girlx 3!

  17. Linda Lansford says:

    I like smaller parties

  18. Eileen Lammers says:

    like it

  19. I am a email subscriber

    I am a google follower

  20. Monique Rizzo says:
  21. Kathleen says:

    I definitely prefer smaller parties. Less chances for temper tantrums and its just more enjoyable!

  22. Kathleen says:

    i am a new email subscriber

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    i am a new google friend connect follower. i am following under the name “Beau”

  24. I LOVE small parties. As my daughter gets older I’m learning she likes a huge, big deal party! So, I’m hoping each new year we can meet in the middle.
    giveawayblogs at gmail dot com

    Thanks for adding your giveaway to my linky list today!

  25. Mary-Frances C. says:

    I like “the more the merrier” parties for my youngest two daughters (I combine their birthdays). For my oldest daughter, we host much smaller parties. It’s easier to get more personalized with the smaller size.
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  26. Mary-Frances C. says:

    Following PumpItUpParty via Twitter @azmarry
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  27. israel y says:

    I like small birthday parties

  28. I stick with my family and few close friends

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  36. theresa says:

    the more the merrier

  37. I like medium parties, enough guests to keep it interesting but not so many that it is a crowd

  38. I like a small party. Cheap and easy!

  39. sarah t says:

    the more the merrier is my motto

  40. Felicia says:

    more the merrier is my motto.
    felicia.431 at gmail dot com

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    follow Pump It Up on twitter @fce431
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    email subscriber
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  44. We usually just have smaller parties with family and close friends.

  45. a smaller party was always for me.. more interaction with all of the guests. suelee1998 @gmail.com

  46. susan smoaks says:

    the more the merrier is my way of thinking

  47. electric island says:

    smaller birthday party

  48. Paula Michele says:

    I say the more the merrier.

  49. electric island says:


  50. Paula Michele says:

    Rss subscriber through Google reader

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  52. Amy Delong says:

    I prefer a smaller party!

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    fb fan

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  57. Melissa B. says:

    The more the merrier.

  58. Joretta Foster says:
  59. Joretta Foster says:
  60. Joretta Foster says:
  61. Joretta Foster says:
  62. Joretta Foster says:
  63. Joretta Foster says:
  64. Joretta Foster says:
  65. Joretta Foster says:
  66. Joretta Foster says:
  67. Joretta Foster says:
  68. Kerri R says:
  69. Kerri R says:
  70. I like small parties.

  71. tina reynolds says:

    I hate the cleanup, but I am usually more the merrier


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