School Daze 2010

I am so behind in posts but I wanted to get this one up TODAY!

It was the first day of school for both my kiddos today. Of course Ian has been going for a couple years now with preschool, so to him it really wasn’t a big deal. Except that he was going to a new school.

But for Ainsley, this was a big day! She’s spent the last 2 years watching as Ian has gotten to do all kinds of things. School, sports camp, swim lessons, etc. She was so excited that this year she was able to go to school.

Last night was filled both kids were anxious and they had a hard time going to sleep. Of course it probably didn’t help that they were sleeping in a new room too, (we moved both kids into Ian’s new room so that we could prep Ainsley’s,) which looking back was probably a bad decision to make on our parts. Needless to say, it was close to 9pm before their room fell silent.

Surprisingly, they were both up and mobile by 6:30 this morning. After a breakfast of pancakes for the girl and cereal for the boy we were dressed and ready to take pictures.

Ian Ainsley School 2010Ian and AinsleyAinsley was all for taking pictures but Ian decided to be difficult so this is the picture I got of him. I don’t know what was up with that smile but it surely made me pity his teacher.

Walking in 2010Heading into school the kids weren’t nervous at all, I would say they were anxious though. During opening announcements, pledges and prayers, they couldn’t sit still!

Once we were done in the sanctuary it was off to the classrooms. We stopped at Ainsley first where she put away her school box and found a seat.

Ainsley school boxAinsley tableOff to Ian’s classroom he went. Once he dropped off his supplies on a table to be sorted later, her found his seat.

Ian NameIan tableI don’t think he was very happy that he is at a table with 2 girls and not other boys. How quickly that will change when he gets older. 🙂

I picked them up 3 hours later. Ainsley was extremely talkative and told me all about her day. Ian is the typical older kid and when I asked him how his day was I got that, oh so great answer, “fine”. He did share a little later that he got to have recess with the 1st graders, he has 2 friends that are in first grade so he was happy to be able to play with them.

We headed out for our traditional first day of school lunch date, where I heard all about the 3 year old drama of having someone steal your seat in class, and how Ian didn’t get to pick a prize out of the big treasure chest yet because his chart isn’t filled up yet. 😀

All in all a great first day I believe! I can’t wait until tomorrow!


  1. very cute!! looks like they had a great day

  2. Looks like your little ones had a great first day!

  3. Kaila is crazy excited about her “tokens” she keeps them all week and she gets a prize.

    I loved hearing about their first day! 🙂 Ainsley is just too cute!!

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