Going, Going, Yoplait Go-Gurt {ENDED}

Ian started kindergarten this week.
My baby boy is in kindergarten!

And as if that weren’t enough, Ainsley is going to 3 year old preschool 2 days a week. I am beside myself!

On one hand I can’t believe that both of my kids are growing up and are going to school, on the other hand I am super excited that I will have 3 hours, 2 days of week that will be mine. MINE! To do with what I want, even though I’ll probably just end up doing chores around the house. But at least they will be uninterrupted chores.

That being said, one of my new responsibilities this year is making sure the kids have a snack each day. It’s not lunch, but a snack that they will have when they get in from recess. The picked out special snack bags for the year.

Ian’s snack bag sports Spiderman on the top complete with a holographic type image that he likes to move around to see Spidey swing through the air. Ainsley, being ALL girl, chose a very pink and sparkly bag with a unicorn on the front. It’s even designed to look like a purse instead of a lunch bag. ­čÖé

Yoplait Go-gurtFinding things to put in their snack bags has been a bit hard. I want things that are not only healthy but that I know they will eat. That’s where Go-gurt comes in. My kids love yogurt and what better way take it with them than Yoplait Go-gurt. The other great thing is that it can help keep the rest of their snack cold if need be. Just stick the tubes in the freezer and once frozen they will keep the rest of your child’s snack/lunch cold until it’s time for them to eat it. The great thing is even if it’s not completely thawed by the time the lunch bell rings your kids can still enjoy it as a nice dessert!

SnacksFor the first day of school my kids were able to partake in a small PB&J sandwich, goldfish crackers, fig newtons and of course a tube of Go-gurt. When I picked them up there wasn’t anything left. At least I know I picked the right stuff!

Yoplait Go-gurt is offering my readers a special back to school prize pack!

You’re kids will enjoy this pack which comes with an insulated lunch tote, mini water bottle, sandwich keeper, cool breeze pen fan, and some other fun school supplies for the new school year.

Go-gurt prize pack

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*Disclosure: I received a Yoplait Go-gurt prize pack as well as a second to give away thanks to Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.*


  1. My back to school tip is to plan out the week on the weekend and know what each day I need to have ready.

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  3. I get the kids stuff at the store 2 weeks at a time.I pack their lunch the night before (except the frozen go-gurt) I try to give them variety..apples and caramel dip one day,crackers or fruit snacks the next etc.I discovered the kids love apricot jam and apple jelly which surprised me but gives them a change from Lunchables
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  8. well, if you can surprise them and eat lunch with them at least once a month…
    cold pasta with vegies and cheese is yummy
    some kids even like cold spaghetti

    go outside the bread- think cheese cubes, plain yogurt for dip and vegies and meat square or pieces

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  11. I always buy my kids favorite lunch food in bulk at Sam’s Club, which last a long time and saves money.

  12. Kristina N. says:

    Planning the lunches out a week or two in advance helps a ton! But be sure to put some variety in there!

  13. Marcia Goss says:

    I let my granddaughter help me make her lunch. She is learning how to pack a healthy lunch.

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  17. Buy fruit in individual packages, instead of putting fruit in sandwich bags.

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  20. Try not to pack sugary lunches, like peanut butter and jelly. The sugar crash will ruin your child’s afternoon. Instead, pack something that has protein in it like chicken or egg salad. Of course, make sure that’s a WELL INSULATED lunch container. Phew!

  21. Stacie Shaver says:

    I love freezing the go-gurts… my kiddos eat them best frozen!! plus, i freeze the juice boxes, to ensure they are still cold when it is lunch time. ­čśë and then, i dont have to pack ice packs.

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  24. Make it the night before and have them help. My girls adore dry cereal as part of their school lunch too.
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  26. My back to school tip is to make sure you have the kids going to bed and waking up as they will during school for at LEASE a week before returning. Some kids, it may take more. lol


  27. i like to help get my sisters kids lunchs all packed before school the night before..that way less hassle in the morning..
    [email protected]

  28. my boys love yoplait

  29. nice lunch options

  30. nice alternative for my girls

  31. I prepare the lunches the night before – less confusion in the AM.

  32. Denise B. says:

    We homeschool, so I don’t really have any back-to-school tips. I do, however, usually cook something for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes, we just do sandwiches.

  33. Monique Rizzo says:

    We cut up fruits and veggies sunday night and send them with her each day. It is easier when they are prepared.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  34. these past few days i’ve been asking the kids the night before i pack their lunches what they’d like. hopefully if they choose it, they’ll eat it

  35. Including a note or sticker with lunch every once in a while will make your child’s day!

  36. Jack Palmer says:

    Freeze your child’s yogurt and It will keep all of his/her other lunch items cool until lunch.

  37. It’s easier to plan lunches on weekends and prep for the week then, also to make the lunch the night before if you can.
    Freezing food is good if it thaws in time for lunch– you can make small portions that defrost in time and that’s easy!

    hmcnaron at gmail

  38. Gaines Simmons says:

    Pack vegetables and fruit in equal amounts for energy and digestion. High-fructose corn syrup drinks should be omitted. Thank you.

  39. Richard T. says:

    I buy the lunch materials in bulk a week at a time.

  40. Tammy Darling says:

    Put a frozen juice box in to keep lunch cold.

  41. yogurt is good for you

  42. Pre-heat or pre-cool a thermos before putting foods in. Put ice or boiled water for three to five minutes in the thermos. This will keep the foods cooler or hotter longer.

  43. very handy alternatives

  44. Freeze drinks, yogurts, and even desserts (like cupcakes and cookies). They will defrost by the time lunch rolls around and it will keep the rest of the food cold as well.
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  49. I freeze grapes, and put them in my daughters lunch. It keeps it cold and she can eat the grapes as well! suelee1998 @ gmail.com

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  51. My daughter is in first grade and my lunch box tip is to go through your kids lunchbox as soon as they get home and put the freezer ice packs back in the freezer. Nothing like getting ready in the morning and finding out you forgot to freeze the freezie thing!
    Emily┬┤s last blog post ..Birthday Gig

  52. Delena McGuire says:

    My back to school tip was going to be the frozen grape tip. The are amazing while still frozen and they also thaw well and provide a great snack.

    I’m a fan on facebook!

  53. taylorbagels says:

    Lunch tip- pack light and pack things that stay fresh longer that dont need refrigerated

  54. charles yount says:

    be lucky like me and have an older sister at the same school!

  55. I prepare lunches the night be4-if one of the lunch items would be “mushy” by the next mg, that gets made the next day…my daughter likes
    vegetables like cucumbers to take for her lunch,sliced the night before-

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  59. Jennifer Barr says:

    pack lunches the night before

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  62. Amy Delong says:

    we go through the school lunch calender for the month and then plan the rest of the meals

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  67. Always back the lunch the night before, it makes for a much easier morning.

  68. Leave fun notes in your child’s lunch. That makes them feel special.
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  72. Angela Cisco says:

    I bought a huge variety of snacks, juice boxes etc and gave them there own shelf in the pantry. The night before we pack the lunches and the kids get to pick there own snack, juice boxes or bottled water. It gives them a sense of independence and helps with waste.

  73. Angela Cisco says:

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  74. Wake up ten minutes early to pack them, so nothing is forgotten.

  75. rachel burke says:

    limit the sugar pack healthy

  76. april yedinak says:

    my lunch tips are to freeze the drink, use cloth napkins (greenie!), and use wraps instead of bread to mix things up

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  81. Plan your meals based on your store sales flyers. i do this all the time and save alot of money

  82. Freeze a water bottle the night before and they will have cold water come lunch
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  87. Veronica Garrett says:

    I pack bite size portions of different fruits . Children love the small size and the mix of different colors.

  88. Melissa B. says:

    Make lunches the night before. Include Honest Kids drink pouches and fresh fruit.

  89. My kids buy a lot of their lunches, but when they bring I make sure they request a lunch the night before so it’s all made and ready to go before the morning rush.

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  91. leave a note in the lunchbox!

  92. tina reynolds says:

    Always pack it the night before

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  97. Michelle H. says:

    On warm days, I like to pop their juice drinks in the freezer for a couple of hours before they leave for school.

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  99. Oh my! Lunch boxes… I pack a picnic for after school, when I pick her up, so I do not have to worry about keeping the food fresh, but she is a picky eater, so quesadillas are the main thing I pack!

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  101. My lunch tip is to not pack too much for them to eat..unfortunately they have a hurried lunch most of the time and small items and more variety is awesome to them!

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