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mad hatter mom soccerSo this year the Hubs and I have taken on a new role. The role of youth soccer coaches.

Now the caveat is that neither of us has ever played soccer, (unless of course you count those games we were required to play in P.E. class in grade school.) But we decided to do it anyway. (Mainly because if we didn’t, Ian wouldn’t have a team.)

I’m athletic. Or at least I used to be, you know before I had to work full-time, then had kids, which led to me sitting on my butt and eating bon-bons like any good stay at home mom. 😉 Because of this I felt better about being able to chase these kids when needed.

I was scared to coach this soccer team of twelve 5 year old boys. First, there are times when I can barely stand my own kids. Now I’m going to be in charge of 11 additional little attitudes, plus I have to actually teach them something. I was worried that my patience wouldn’t stand the challenge.

Luckily, I wasn’t in this alone. The Hubs was right there beside me. We present a united front. He is the Head Coach and I act as the Team Mom. He is the teacher and I am the encourager. He provides them with the masculine enforcement and I get to be the nurturer on the sidelines.

This experience has led me to see many benefits of coaching.

  • My Hubs and I have learned to work even MORE effectively as a team.
  • My patience level has increased.
  • Keeping up with the boys led me to start training for my first 5K.
  • I am fortunate enough to be impacting these boys’ lives.
  • My son is proud to call me his coach.
  • I get to see the abilities of these boys grow through the season.

As we near the end of the Fall soccer season, these boys have become a part of me. I love being able to encourage them each week and cheer them on during their triumphs and pick them back up when they feel they have failed. When they score a goal I’m the one yelling her head off on the sidelines.

I’ll be sad when we don’t have any more games or practices to fill our week. When these boys’ smiling faces won’t be running towards me on the field yelling “Hey Coach!”

It’s amazing that sometimes that which we fear ends up being that that we cherish the most.


    1. Really really cool! My husband thought about coaching soccer. He’s an avid player. I think we’ll try and get our girls involved in soccer sometime soon.
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