My Realization

When I started writing Mad Hatter Mom, it was just my little place to spill my guts about my life. I never thought anyone would actually read it nor did I think I would have the opportunities with companies that I have been given.

Now as I near my 2nd year blogging, I’ve had to face a truth.

I will never be a famous blogger.

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a time when I dreamt of entering a conference and having others already know who I am. A time when I would be courted by companies and flown places or invited to parties, all because of my name and my written word.

I’ve just realized that that can’t be my driving force anymore. I mean I’m always going to be envious of other bloggers. I’m always going to wish my blog had more readers and comments. Always wish that Mad Hatter Mom would be listed on multiple blog rolls for reasons other than earning another entry into a giveaway.

But, those things will redoubtably never happen. Instead I’ll just keep on keeping on and hope that somewhere out there at least 1 reader subscribes because they find something worthwhile in my writing.

*And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.*


  1. I’m right there with you. The way I look at it is this… if my words can help one person overcome one thing in their life I’ve served my purpose. And if it’s not a stranger, at least I have a gathering of my thoughts and my feelings for my children and generations to come to hold onto.
    Amanda {Enchanting Havoc}´s last blog post ..My Blog is ME

  2. You R famous! You got to zipline with Tip junkie and jennyonthespot…
    And that in my eyes, makes U famous….
    Lucky girl!
    I love your videos….
    i think your influence is beyond a mere few lady…;)
    Love ya!
    one cluttered brain´s last blog post ..Its Pajama Day!

  3. Well, you are an inspiration in the blogging world to me! I have seen your blog come so far.. in such a short amount of time! I will always tune in!

  4. Jennifer Auer says:

    I’m right there with you.

  5. Right there with ya too. Snarkyville was never be one of the popular kids on the block. I’ll just have to settle for one of the cool kids. If not, one of the ‘I am what I am’ kids. 😛
    Jenine´s last blog post ..Mulligans

  6. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I think there are many in the same place as you with this one.
    I’m a beginning blogger and figure I’ll probably never be a review/giveaway site at all. There are so many out there already.
    Thousands literally and so I think unless you’re one of the big ones already or have a big one taking you under their wing to help you
    grow and expand, then you have to come to the realization that
    you site may or may not grow the way you desire.

  7. Hey! You ARE famous! You have 400+ followers, people find you, people need to read your blog while having coffee, you’re like the blog pastry in the morning. 🙂 You may not be a Pioneer Woman, and geez, as much as I fantasize about that, don’t you think it would be a heck of a lot of stress?! BUT you’re awesome. You’re you and that’s why we love ya. 🙂
    Alisha´s last blog post ..Bringing Up Bobby Review and Giveaway!!

    • Alisha you SO have a point. There would be a high amount of pressure associated with being another Pioneer Woman or Dooce. (Although, I would gladly take the money they make 🙂 )
      There are just times when I get down on myself because although I may have 400 followers, I wonder how many I would have if I didn’t offer giveaways.
      But then I go back and think that I love being able to giveaway cool things. It’s always awesome to notify someone they have won and get their excited response back.

      So thank you Alisha! You have really helped put it into perspective and thanks for reading! (HUGS)

  8. I think that I had that realization about six months ago when I was blogging regularly about good stuff. I think I actually had fewer comments when I was writing about things I was passionate about.

    I like your posts. I have not been commenting as much recently, but I hope that will be changing fairly soon.
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..Update

  9. Aww, it’s OK to just keep on keeping on. I’m very competitive and would love to be a “big name blogger”…actually, no, I wouldn’t. I am OK with just keeping on. Other things are more important, and let’s face it, I can’t quit my day job! Congrats on the n(almost) 2 year anniversary!
    Aleksandra´s last blog post ..Beach Pictures from Fripp Island- SC

  10. I think you’re fabulous, both online and off. I think we all struggle with this same issue, and if only we could all get a small piece of what Dooce has. haha! 😉


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