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mad hatter mom facebookI don’t think I’m in the minority when I say that most days Facebook is a big ‘ol time waster.

Most days when I wake up and login to my computer, Facebook is the first page that is opened in my browser while I’m waiting for my emails to download. I go through my lists and try to catch up on what is happening in everyone’s life from blogger friends, to high school friends, to current friends and family; I click from list to list to peer into the lives of people that I quite possibly have spoken an actual word to in years.

I guess I prefer to be voyeur. I mean, I do reply to posts or I might perhaps share the post of one of the companies I work with. But it’s really just superficial. Last year I even started keeping the chat feature turned off because any real contact just wasn’t for me. (Ok, in all honesty there was a person that kept trying to chat with me and at first it was all cool but then every time I came online they wanted to chat and that’s just not how I roll.)

Anyhow, fast forward to last week and I get an invite to try out a new browser called RockMelt. I love new browsers and this one looked really cool so I immediately installed it and set it all up. It incorporates your facebook and twitter to either side of your browser and makes it super easy to share links and so on.

So there I was minding my own business when a chat window pops up. Apparently, there is no way to turn off the chat feature on RockMelt, little did I know. So I look to see who it is and wouldn’t you know it!? It’s my very first boyfriend!

Ok, so we had been facebook friends for a while but short of wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving there had been much interaction. Now before all the warning lights start going off let me just say that yes, he was my first boyfriend; we were 10 at the time. 🙂
He and I grew up just a couple miles away from each other. We were always pretty close but then high school came and we ran with different crowds. I graduated and moved away while he still had another year of school.

To make a long story just a tad shorter than it would be otherwise, we chatted for several hours on facebook. Catching up in each other’s lives and retelling stories from elementary school. I was laughing so hard when it was all done that I felt better than I have in a long time. He reminded me of things that I had all but forgotten. Looking back I could see how each of these little bits and pieces of my life shaped me into the person I became.

I’m not so worried any more about someone from my past chatting me up. They may share something about myself that I thought I had all but lost. Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is still a time waster for me, but at least it’s an enjoyable one now. 🙂

So, tell me, who from your past are you most glad you found on facebook?


  1. So you like RockMelt right? LOL.

    There are quite a few people from my past that I’m glad I’m in touch with again…too many to name really. Facebook is so distracting to me, but I do love it. Sometimes it’s a nice break from posts.

  2. I found a sweet friend from high school who only lives 1 1/2 miles from me…we have since met up for lunch and catching up a few times. It was great to get re-connected with her. As for Facebook being a time-waster-heck yes. I only pop by long enough to read status updates and update my own.
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  3. mmmmm…. I’m not sure if there is anyone. Probably a few of my elementary school besties.
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  4. I’ve found a lot of old friends. Aside from a quick “hi – i’m on Facebook too!” not much has come of it for me though. Glad you got caught up with an old friend. 🙂

  5. There are so many friends I have enjoyed reconnecting on FB with…although I feel a little snoopy too when I see what people are doing or saying. It is fun but definately a time sucker!
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