Have fun with Santa! #Freebie

Ok, I have seriously had so much fun with this and the best part is it’s FREE!

Just visit SendACallFromSanta.com

Send A Call from Santa

The site is courtesy of Google Voice, which if you don’t have a Google Voice number I would suggest getting one, I use it as my
business number which is great. Anyway, at Send a Call from Santa you can personalize a phone call for just about anyone. I’ve sent one to my kids, my best friend and even my nephew.
(Santa even called my nephew “Home Skillet” and said he knew my nephew was hoping for a “hot date” this Christmas. LOL! )

You are able to preview the call before you send it, so if you want to change anything you can. If you would rather not have Santa call the person you can also choose to send the recording via email or post it on their Facebook page.

No matter which option you choose this will provide you and your family with all kinds of fun and laughs.

On top of that Google Maps and Google Earth are partnering with NORAD for their annual Santa track on Christmas Eve. And if you have Google Maps Mobile on your phone you will also be able to search “Santa” and see his current location. Of course, the kids will only be able to track him for a bit before it’s time for them to head to bed but hey, then maybe you and your honey can pick up the track after that. 🙂

If you send a call from Santa I’d love to hear who you sent it to and what they thought!


  1. Tracking Santa is so much fun!
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  2. Thanks for sharing….my 4 yr old about had kittens that Santa called! It was soo cute.
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