Taking Gumdrop Pass #giveaway

There are few things that last the test of time when it comes to kids.

Star Wars sticks out in my head, as well as Barbie.

But probably more than those, Candy Land sticks out. Candy Land is the first game that many kids are given. I remember getting it and so my kids received the game as soon as they hit the magical age of 3.

Candy Land has redesigned their game board going from a horizontal layout to a vertical one. They have also revamped some of the characters on the board and the colors are much more vibrant. It’s still just as much fun and my kids and I enjoy playing several nights a week before bedtime.

Late last year I was given the opportunity to host a Candy Land party. My kids and I invited all our friends, picked up some lunch and got ready for the fun to begin. We had 3 boards going at once! It was so much fun to watch as the kids all played wonderfully together. Our little ones could even get in on the action since it was a great opportunity to teach them colors.

To show our fun I made a quick video about the day.

Now even more fun!

I have an extra game to give away. 🙂

RULES FOR ENTRY (mandatory entry):
Leave a comment with your favorite Candy Land memory past or present. Or what you hope to share with your kids by playing.

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*Disclosure: I was sent a Party Pack from Hasbro through MyBlogSpark. All the kids from the party went home with a brand new Candy Land of their own. *


  1. As a kid I loved playing b/c I loved to get the cards with candy on them!!

  2. Jessica M. says:

    I love playing with my mom! I hope it helps my 3 year old with his counting:) Thanks!

  3. Jessica M. says:

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  4. Teaching my son his colors while playing.

  5. This would be a great gift for the kids. I never owned it growing up but loved to play at cousins house.

  6. I never played Candy Land when I was a kid! 😮

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  8. michelle maddock says:

    My fondest memory is playing with my kids and now my grandkids it keeps going generation after generation and it is still fun.

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  12. My daughter is almost 9 and we still love to play Candyland together. It brings back memories of her being much younger and learning her colors. I imagine it’s a game we’ll always play and the updated version looks great!

  13. This was always a favorite game I played with my daughter and now playing with my grandson!

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  15. Denise B. says:

    I used to play this by myself when there was no one else around to play with.

  16. really cute im in

  17. This was one of the first family games I played with my children and am now playing with my grandson.

  18. Cris pollard says:

    My family didn’t have board games growing up so I do have nice memories of playing Candyland at my neighbor’s house.

  19. Melissa Pruitt says:

    when I played candy land, I liked to make sure everybody had gumballs while playing lol

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  20. Melissa Pruitt says:

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  21. mEREDITH says:

    I can remember thinking what a fun the real candy land must be! I guess I wondered why we never went there :-)!

  22. I used to play Candyland with my siblings all the time when growing up. I can’t wait to share this game with my kids one day.

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  24. Jennifer Short says:

    Candy Land is the first thing I ever bought with my own money. I had to do extra chores around the house to earn the $5 I needed back in the 1970s,

  25. Jennifer Short says:

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  26. Kathy Vallee says:

    My very favorite Candyland Game memory is when my youngest Becca and I would srt the game and before you know it I and all my six children would be on the floor with popcorn koolaid and Candyland laughing so hard tears would come. Great memories with family and great games.

  27. when we were kids we would pretend to be the characters, wandering around candyland as we walked the little plastic figures over t he board. we would pull all the pieces out just for fun.

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  29. Joanne Hibl says:

    Candyland which I played with the kids. It was very exciting

  30. Darrell Bennett says:


  31. Elizabeth Bowers says:

    Playing this game with my kids reminds me of childhood. I feel like a kid playing with my parents again. Thanks for the contest.

  32. I just remember playing with my brothers…I don’t think we ever played it the “correct” way…we would slide our pieces all over the board and just jump our pieces from one place to the other. 🙂

  33. Kathy Vallee says:

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  34. I hope to be able to spend more quality time with the little ones.

  35. My favorite memory of playing Candyland is my children always saying they wished the candy was real-every time!
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  37. Lisa Hug says:

    I remember when I was about 6 I loved playing that game, but my brother was 4 yrs. younger than me and my mom insisted that “teach him, he has to learn”. It was so frustraing! That’s a good game though. I bought it for my grandchild, this year actually.

  38. I’m hoping this game will help teach my daughter that she has to take turns.

  39. i never played but i look forward to playing with my son
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  44. I’ve always loved Candy Land, and have passed my love down to my 2 daughters – what a fun game!

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  46. Candy Land is a game that never grows old. I played it growing up, then played it with my son.

  47. Teaching my daughter how to play with her cousins game,,she was so intrigued..I love it!! Great memory! And great way to teach colors, and patience for others!

  48. I remember the first time I beat my father at Candyland – boy, was I proud!

  49. lynnette taylor says:

    I have good memories of playing candy land w/my mom and I would like to give my three daughters the same memory, and in doing so, they will be learning social skills, color recognition, and counting as well!

  50. valerie mabrey says:

    I remember playing one a sick day with my mom. I laso loved teaching my kids how to play

  51. my aunt taught it to me and we played games all the time.
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  54. i can’t wait to play with my daughter

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  56. Holly Miller says:

    i used to play it with my sister & 2 brothers every friday night to kick off the weekend!

    Holly Miller
    [email protected]

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    Holly Miller
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  59. I used to play with my grandparents every saturday when I slept over there.

  60. Erica C. says:

    I just remember I always loved playing the game!

  61. this was my favorite game when I was younger and now I get toplay it with my niece. I love that!

  62. i miss playing this with my mom.i would love to play this with my children

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  65. My favorite memory is actually playing the VHS version with my neighbors.

  66. I would make my brother play Candyland with me for hours lol

  67. I remember playing this with my siblings! Loved this game so much!

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  72. I remember convincing my sister that the Candyland characters were all real.
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  76. I love that I had this game as a child and now I play with my own child. [email protected]

  77. christie C. says:

    I loved this game as a child! I know my soon to be 4 yr old would love playing this. This would be a great memory for us to play together

  78. Knocked Up and Nursing says:

    i remember playing candyland as a little girl with my sister on rainy days.
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  80. Since nobody has commented I am wondering if this the right place to comment. Better safe than sorry I guess. All my kids loved playing Candyland, I cherish all memories with them but I remember playing when I was a kids so it makes a more special moment. I loved when they won against me, their eyes light up (do you know how hard it is to try and lose at Candyland?) and smiles go on forever.

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  84. Mandatory Entry: my favorite memory was playing candyland with my siblings on the kitchen table when i was in 5th grade. we took it very serious and sometimes fought over winning

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  89. My fav memory was just when my son realized he was big enough to play the game!

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  92. Kat Emerick says:

    My favorite memories is playing Candy Land with my kids , now I can play with my grand kids.

  93. susanmeep says:

    I loved playing this game with my sister. suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  94. susan smoaks says:

    i remember when candyland was the only game i knew how to play, i loved it so much! i still love to play candyland.

  95. I always liked the cherry on top rule. After you got through the game you must get red to win. I don’t know where it came from.

  96. I played Candyland with my kids, but my favorite memory of all is when we would visit my Mom & Dad (both now deceased,) and my Mom would literally play Candyland for hours on end with my son and/or daughter. I have no photos of this, but the memory is a beautiful one that I have in my mind and heart. Yes, Candyland holds a very special place in my life…I now play it with my two young granddaughters!

  97. James Coyne says:

    I remember playing candy land with my mom when i was a kid

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  102. I remember playing Candyland with my parents as a child!

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  104. delena McGuire says:

    I’ll always remember playing this game with my ma-maw when I was little. I’d love to share that with my nephew too.
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  107. Molly Yocum says:

    I distinctly remember playing CandyLand with my family as a small child. I remember that we had lost one of the cards to the game – the pink ice princess???

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  109. candyland rocks
    my sisters and I use to play it alot when we were kids:)

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