Halfway and 35 days.. #mamavation

We are finally there!

The halfway point in the Move It and Lose It Challenge over on Mamavation. And it’s just 35 days until I will be running my very first 5K!

Can we say quaking in my boots?!?

Anyway, this past week was a bit hard. I started feeling under the weather on Sunday night; Monday I decided that the 5K didn’t really care that I was sick so I went to the gym and ran anyway. I was also secretly hoping that I would ‘sweat’ the sickness right out of me. Unfortunately, I think it made things worse because by Monday night I wanted someone to put me out of my misery. By Wednesday I felt okay again so I was all set to get up on Thursday and hit the gym. Yep, woke up on Thursday and felt like donkey balls. My sinus’ were compacted and I spent the day nursing a migraine with my head under a towel with the humidifier. Thankfully, Friday came with a clear head. My hubs came home from work and I set out to the gym. Was able to run my 25 minutes and only had to stop once to blow my schnoze. 🙂

So now to the dreaded picture…
mamavation weigh in


Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with this. After a week of being sick and not able to work out nearly as much as I normally do I was really worried about what the scale would say.

Since this is the halfway point for MILI here are my measurements and the difference thus far.:

  • Arms: 13.25in (-1.25)
  • Bust: 42in (-2)
  • Waist: 40in (-1.5)
  • Hips: 44.75in (-3.75)
  • Thighs: 23.5in (-2)

Looking at the measurements makes me feel so awesome! That coupled with the picture of the scale from just 3 weeks ago has seriously lit a fire under me. I can’t wait to hit the gym in the morning!


  1. You are shrinking before our eyes! Woo-hoo!

    Yes, we are half way there, and look how far we have come Bay-bee. Sorry, I am really excited about everyone’s progress. There is a losing streak in Mamavation right now and it rocks.

    Have a fabulous week! Keep up the hard work and enjoy being over your sick week.
    Andrea Kruse (@notimeMom)´s last blog post ..Mamavation Monday Its not You- Its Me

  2. 5K here you come! Great job despite feeling under the weather this week.

    • I’m getting so anxious for it to be get here all ready!! I’m ready to make my hair green and celebrate once I cross that finish line!

  3. Shelley (@momma_oz) says:

    HOLY CROW!!! You are doing FANTASTIC!!! your measurements and weight loss speak volumes about your commitment and I’m PROUD of you!!! WTG!
    Shelley (@momma_oz)´s last blog post ..mamavation Monday – Week 4 – Feb 7- 2011

    • Thank you Shelley!! It’s so exciting to see the number get smaller each week, and a number I haven’t seen for a really LONG time.. 🙂

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