Putting the M-E back in Me Time #CleverRefresh

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When my son was 6 months old I learned the importance of taking time for myself. But it wasn’t until my daughter was close to turning 4 that I realized this needed to be done on a daily basis and not just once every couple months.

I was suffering from depression and it was only compounded by the fact that my days were all starting to run into each other. Wake up, feed kids, dress kids, take kids to school if required, pick up kids, feed lunch, pick up house, prepare dinner, serve dinner, homework, clean up dinner, bathe kids, read stories, kids to bed, collapse into bed myself. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

cindys gym clever girlsMy health wasn’t doing well and I knew things had to change. So I joined a gym. Not just any gym. A gym that offers childcare.

I’ll never forget that first day. I dropped off my oldest at school then headed to the gym with my daughter. She easily went into the childcare area and I headed downstairs to figure out what to do next. I settled on the treadmill since it required the least technical knowledge. I walked for 90 minutes. In those 90 minutes it was like a switch was flipped. I walked out of the gym feeling renewed and truly like I was on the road to wellness.

Fast forward 12 weeks and I have never been better. I’ve been able to quit taking my anti-depressants, lost 20lbs, and ran my first 5K.

I’d like to think my parenting has also benefited from the 90 minutes I take each day just for myself. And on those days when I’m not able to make it to the gym, we have begun “quiet time” in which the kids play quietly in their respective rooms for 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes get chores done with breaking up fights, or even lounge on the couch and close my eyes for a few.

It doesn’t really matter the length of time, it just matters that I take it. Because no matter what I will always be a mother and wife first but as long as I take time for rejuvenation I will be the mom and wife I want to be.

How do YOU take time for yourself each day?

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  1. That was my awakening too. Actually I was beginning to wonder where all my mom friends hung out, and there they were at the gym with kids in the childcare center. It was like a private retreat, but now that one and only gym is gone, and its harder finding quiet time (and homeschooling). I admire you.
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..The Homeschool Mothers Journal 7-11

  2. Good for you for doing something good for yourself. My favorite ME time is ME (Massage Envy, a massage franchise). It’s great to take a couple hours and get pampered and stressed relieved. Ahhhh.
    Debbie´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle

  3. That is so true! That hour to myself is so wonderful.

    I totally am with you, it has made me a better mother and wife. I am happier.

    Great post Tina!

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